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Katie Holmes | Ayyyy! - Part 4
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Bourbon on the Rocks Links

No, I’m not drinking it. I’m just promoting it for a good cause. One must enter into the spirit of things, as it were!

Dora, the Gender Stereotype Explorer (AgentBedhead)

Chris Brown does not understand the meaning of “misdemeanor” (AmyGrindhouse)

Hayden Pannettiere doesn’t know what she does for a living (CandyKirby)

Britney Spears’s uterus makes a break for it (CelebWarship)

Forgive me, Xenu, for I have sinned (CeleBitchy)

Give me your tired, your poor, but not your Amy Winehouse (AllieIsWired)

Donald Trump talks sense? (CelebritySmack)

The LA Kings are truly desperate (CelebuWreck)

Drew Barrymore’s new job: Kate Moss impersonator (DListed)

Jimmy Kimmel is not f*cking Sarah Silverman (EvilBeet)

Matt Damon, centurion (GabbyBabble)

Reese Witherspoon deliberately upstages costar (JustJared)

The Princes of Hearts at large (UKPopSugar)

Betty White is Always Prepared (SeriouslyOMG)

as if Travis Barker doesn’t have enough problems (Websters)

The best Peaches Geldof beatdown you’ll read all damn day (HolyMoly)

Black Coffee Links

B-Ball A-listers (AgentBedhead)

Brad Pitt hot coffee vid (AmyGrindhouse)

AlpacaAlpacaAlpacaAlpaca not as much fun as a llama (BWE)

John Mayer has found true love (CandyKirby)

Britney’s Circus comes to town (CelebritySmack)

Gladiator aprons are the new black (CelebuWreck)

Feel Kanye’s pain (DailyStab)

Octomom poses for a portrait (POTO)

Vanilla Ice finally mans up (EvilBeet)

Hell hath no fury like a baseball player scorned (GabbyBabble)

Someone should tell Jennifer Aniston about SmartCuts (HollywoodBackwash)

Katie Holmes is pure, detoxed, exhausted (HollywoodRag)

Mario Lopez has yet to meet Miss Right (Websters)

It’s not the size of your caulk, it’s how you use it (IBBB)

It’s now officially okay to laugh at Sherri Shepard (ImNotObsessed)

The Young Victoria premiere in London (UKPopSugar)

The Return of Super Dave! (SeriouslyOMG)

This will not end well (HolyMoly)

Canuck Coffee Links

The link to this recipe doesn’t exist, because I haven’t written it out yet, but just make Irish Coffee with maple syrup instead of sugar, and double the amount. While you’re at it, double the amount of whisky, too. It won’t all fit in the mug with the other ingredients, so you’d better put that extra shot in a small glass and maybe just sip it while you mix up the Canuck Coffee. Just a suggestion.

Gezundheit, Pete! (AgentBedhead)

Lily, you can’t smoke and snort at the same time (HolyMoly)

Michael, your career is bong gone (AmyGrindhouse)

Run,  Katie, run! (Websters)

Hey KFed, don’t let your kids run off to join the Circus (ASL)

If you think about it, Madge, that’s incest (Yeeeeah)

Could someone call Christian Bale’s mom to pick him up from the principal’s office? (DListed)

Chrissy, you’re no Terminator (Defamer)

Jen, honey, we’re just not that into bell bottoms (JustJared)

Chelsy, don’t let that one get away (UKPopSugar)

Morrissey, I’d have assumed you’d be at least a 78! (SeriouslyOMG)

Lindz, what comes between you and your Calvins (IBBB)

Gaga, you’re gaga (GabbyBabble)

Dakota Fanning, you go right back into your room and put your pants on (EvilBeet)

Hey, sportsfans, is that what you call a First Down? (CandyKirby)

Denzel, you need to leave some room for my boy Viggo (DailyStab)

It’s not loaded, Jenny (CelebuWreck)

Twitty Milk? The first Social Mediatard of the 21st Century is born (CelebWarship)

Never fire till you can see the whites of their eyes, but of course you can see hers from the Columbian border (CelebritySmack)

Lindsay, they were just trying to be consistent with the labelling of passengers (CeleBitchy)

Midnight Cocktail Links

You need something nourishing if you’re going to pull an all-nighter, and the midnight cocktail has nutritious Stout, full of sustaining carbs!

Michael Jackson “his” Blanket (YBF)

Bai Ling and Mickey Rourke, king and queen of Hell Prom Night (Websters)

Dame Edna for MAC cosmetics, NO REALLY (WOWReport)

Paula Abdul changes it up (CityRag)

Oprah was a bad girl? Are you on crack? (CeleBitchy)

How to make it onto American Idol in 20 easy steps (BWE)

Is this the next Ambassador to the Court of St. James? (FakeKarl)

The Hudson River Miracle (Gawker)

The Hero of the Hudson (EvilBeet)

Christmas lives forever in the heart of Taylor Momsen (JustJared)

Jade Goody has never looked better (HollywoodTuna)

The BAFTAS don’t care about British people! (Defamer)

Katie Holmes is on fiyah! (CandyKirby)

Sienna Miller shops from someone else’s cart (Lainey)

Britney’s Fantasy Island discovered, mapped (GOTA)

Patrick Swayze is ON! (SeriouslyOMG)

Stars as Big Girls (PopBytes)

Pink never drops them, she just recycles them (POTP)

Lily Allen is VERY close to her brother (BFYL)

Travesty Alert: Karate Kid remake (IBBB)

The hottest accessory in Hollywood (CelebritySmack)

Karl does not care about your demode recession woes (HolyMoly)

Fake Chanel, real useful (Cvxn)

Anne Hathaway has found her new liar (AmyGrindhouse)

Verne Troyer on the rampage! (TheLondonBlog)

How to start a cult (AgentBedhead)

The Happy Birthday Kate Moss quiz (UKPopSugar)

Katie Holmes, has universal appeal

Come over to the dark side

Don’t act so surprised, you know it was only a matter of time before the fashion houses went after the lucrative walking dead demographic. Isn’t this such a great little number for those “I want to eat your soul and wipe the remains on my dress” occasions?

Americano Links

This has nothing to do with patriotism and everything to do with Campari and red vermouth in a tall glass with a lot of ice, a twist of orange peel, and a sizzle of soda. Thanks to the day I had, it may have everything to do with several of them!

RuPaul, Heather Locklear, separated at birth? (WOWReport)

PerezHilton on minute 14.5 (Websters)

Kathy Griffin is being sent to her room (ASL)

Before they were famous: Al Pacino (SeriouslyOMG)

Celebrity Twinsies (GiggleSugar)

Topless and wet! (UKPopSugar)

24 slideshow (HolyMoly)

Topless and wet times TWO! (Defamer)

Dakota Fanning: mini actress, mini dress (JustJared)

SJP looking to bolt? (PopBytes)

RIP Mouseketeer Cheryl (JanetCharltonsHollywood)

Britney’s New Year’s date (IBBB)

Lily Allen insists she has a talent! (ImNotObsessed)

Porn industry going down for last time? (CandyKirby)

Kate Moss beer belly or baby belly? (CelebWarship)

Katie Holmes visibly off her “vitamins” (GoFugYourself)

Hugh Jackman in leather (CelebritySmack)

Pete Wentz, Ambient music icon (CeleBitchy)

Santa Reznor brings gifts on Epiphany (AgentBedhead)

Steamed Spiced Mandarin Juice Links

Hey, nothing sets you up right in the morning like a steamed seasonal beverage, particularly one high in Vitamin C and natural sugars, and most particularly after an evening of Hot Tom and Jerry. Not that I would know anything about that.

Hey Santa, say hi to your mother for me (KnockedUpCelebs)

and just like that, a Himbo commits career suicide (AgentBedhead)

The victim statement of Miss Paris Hilton (AmyGrindhouse)

SamRo go to Hospital, yo (Bricks and Stones)

The Olsen Twins are different from you and me (CeleBitchy)

Amy Winehouse airs out the girls (CelebWarship)

The 12 Days of Drunk Celebrities (Cityrag)

The Bond Girl Murder (CelebritySmack)

Your rhetorical Michael Jackson question of the year (DailyStab)

Zac Efron, the fruity Christmas keepsake (Defamer)

John Mayer hates puppies (DListed)

A cultural history of the Star Wars Holiday Special (VanityFair)

Most scandalous celebs of 2008 (UKPopSugar)

Most inspirational animal of 2008 (EvilBeet)

Christmas Brangelina collectibles (HolyCandy)

Lily Allen: coming soon to a preschool near you (ImNotObsessed)

Katie Holmes stands up her husband (JustJared)

Peaches Geldof does same (HolyMoly)

Everyone complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it (IBBB)

It’s Bai Ling’s world, we just live in it (Websters)

Icewine Links

I don’t even like icewine, which is weird because I am normally all about the dessert wines and so I am somehow vaguely unpatriotic for not liking Canada’s national dessert wine, but perhaps it has something to do with the bottle that had been open two years and stored next to the pickles and olives in the fridge which was my first taste of icewine.

Yeah. That’s it.

Celebrity Dad Faceoff: Santa Dads (TeenyManolo)

Katie Holmes gets the makeover of her life! (Websters)

Because she really needs it (SeriouslyOMG)

Tony Parker thinks he has in vitro telekinesis (ASL)

Britney’s triumph of hope over experience (WizbangPop)

Partygoers must be on Pixie dust (UKPopSugar)

Pamela Anderson is the new house model at Vivienne Westwood (ElleUK)

Greatest gifts of all time, anywhere (CandyKirby)

Is this Mary-Kate? Or Ashley? (IBBB)

Happy 28th to Christina Drooguliera (Defamer)

Zac Efron at Children’s Hospital (JustJared)

Rihanna brings the bootaloons (GoFugYourself)

Bono is a Freudian (GabbyBabble)

William H Macy’s mercury levels well within safety limits (EvilBeet)

Pete Doherty’s arm assploded! (HolyMoly)

Karl Lagerfeld gets the funk up (FakeKarl)

Lily Allen is in the wrong line of work (DListed)

Smells like Beef Spirit? (DailyStab)

Click for a Cause (CelebritySmack)

Paris Hilton, burgled again (CeleBitchy)

Is ScarJo the new Jennifer Aniston? (AmyGrindhouse)

Buy a $1 beer and fight $cientology (AgentBedhead)

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