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Friday Caption Contest: Katy Perry Killer Queen Edition

What can be said about this image? Plenty, methinks, so put it in the comments section for fabulous, completely imaginary prizes!

Katy Perry Killerqueen

Katy Perry Killerqueen

PS I h8 u

Katy Perry stars in Pirates of the San Fernando Valley

Katy Perry stars in Pirates of the San Fernando Valley

I must be losing my edge. I still dislike Katy Perry and think she’s a classic example of making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, but at least lately she’s a much more plausible-looking silk purse. And it’s hard not to feel bad even for a talentless meat puppet who made it big by faking lesbianism and shooting fireworks out of her bustier once you learn that Russell Brand informed her via text message that he was divorcing her.

He could have at least Skyped.

A Perrylous State!

Katy Perry at Nerdprom

Katy Perry at Nerdprom

Sure, Katy Perry has made something of a business out of looking hot and confused, but we’ve got the same blank look of puzzlement on our faces here (even the cats). What kind of world are we living in when Katy Perry is:

  1. invited to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner
  2. the best-dressed woman there?

To what, good readers, cometh the world?


Katy Perry Dress Shocker

Katy Perry in red velvet

Katy Perry in red velvet

I’m glad I was sitting down when I saw this: possibly the most controversial outfit Katy Perry has ever worn. She of the firework boobs and pedo-trawling hot pants is still made up like Mrs John Wayne Gacy, and still has that unflattering Not-Sure-If-Worth-Marketing-To-Goths hair colour, but the dress, shoes and bag are actually lovely and normal. By which I mean famous clothes-remover Dita Von Teese could wear them. Briefly.

Katy Perry Lives the Moment

Katy Perry lives the moment

Katy Perry lives the moment

To be specific, that one moment from a 1986 Swatch ad when this outfit was considered totally tubular.

Friday Caption Contest: Katy Perry Edition

There are few people more reliable for risibility than the pop tart Katy Perry, so do your best/worst in the comments section.

Katy Perry has forgotten something

Katy Perry has forgotten something

and THIS is why they call it “fierce”

Marta Marzotto

Marta Marzotto

Italian designer Marta Marzotto is indeed the epitome of fierce, and if you doubt it, she will most likely shiv a bitch, this ex-Countess having been sentenced to hard prison time for blithely making off with her almost-stepson’s patrimony. As if that weren’t enough, she’s related to my beloved Lapo! Why, she’s like a lost Gabor sister! Who’s to say those booties don’t conceal a tracking anklet of some kind? Just as soon as I reconfigure the DEW Line to trace Julian Assange’s movements, I’ll take a quick peek around Milan for Marta M. and let you know. We should probably keep an eye on this one.

She looks like she’d take her vodka neat, so let’s toast this crazy old cougar with some Cougar Juice Vodka and some gossip links.

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Carrie Fisher, on Nature vs Nurture

Autobiography: Good anecdote, bad reality

Autobiography: Good anecdote, bad reality

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a quote for the ages:

“When my mother was about 7, my grandmother locked her in the closet. So, after my mom had been in the closet for about an hour, she asked my grandmother for a glass of water. My grandmother, naturally, said ‘Why?’ and my mother said ‘Because I’ve spit all over your dresses and now I’ve run out of spit and I wanna spit all over your shoes.’ These are the people I hail from.”

— Carrie Fisher

She’s also the author of one of the best opening lines in history, “I never should have given my phone number to the guy who pumped my stomach.”

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