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Who wore it better?


One was briefly married to a busty PETA supporter, the other is constantly harried by bristly PETA supporters.

Some guys have all the luck

They flock to him like ants to a Snickers bar

What ungodly power does Kid Rock possess that allows him to ensorcel women like Cindy Crawford into caressing his nostril hairs with her lips? 

Run Cindy! Run back to your husband and children while the night is still young. Otherwise one thing will inevitably lead to another and you will awaken to find yourself feeling terribly ashamed, with only a lousy t-shirt to show for it.

For that special lady in your life

Kid Rock Arrested – Nation Yawns, Scratches Self, Changes Channel

Manolo says, once again, America’s dimmest rock star, Kid Rock, has had the brush with the law.

Police said Ritchie [Kid Rock] was finishing up a post-show meal at a Waffle House on Buford Highway about 5:15 a.m. Sunday when a customer recognized a woman in his entourage and began exchanging words with her.

Ritchie joined in the altercation, which soon escalated into a physical fight between the rocker and the man, Harlem DeJon Akins, 39.

Soon, five other men in his entourage — including the guitarist and the bass player in his band, Twisted Brown Trucker — jumped into the fray, and the fight spilled from inside the restaurant into the parking lot, said police spokeswoman Mekka Parish.

When the brawl ended, Ritchie and his group got into their tour bus and left the scene. An officer pulled the bus over at Buford Highway and Lenox Road, and all five men were booked into jail on the misdemeanor battery charge.

Few phrases in the English language are as indicative of the depressing condition of modern pop culture as the words “Kid Rock and his entourage at the Waffle House”.

Night of a Thousand Imbeciles

Manolo says, here below is photographic evidence of why the Manolo has labeled the MTV Video Music Awards, Night of the Thousand Imbeciles…

Baby Huey, Rap Star.

Doug Henning, Circa 2007.