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Caption Contest Results: Mariah Edition

Don’t forget to enter this week’s Friday Caption Contest featuring Candace Bergen as you’ve never seen her before. Unless you’re her plastic surgeon.

Yes, it’s congratulations and imaginary swag to the winner of week-before-last’s-or-was-it-the-week-before-that’s Friday Caption Contest, featuring the amply pulchritudinous Mariah Carey at … some awards thing. The one where she was drunk. No, not that one, the other one. Well, one of the other ones. Whatever, YOU know what I mean!

Yes, here is Miss 150lbs of Glam in a 110lb Dress:

People's Choice Awards 2010 - Show

Paige Says:
January 9th, 2010 at 8:47 pm

When we start to wish you were on the “where are they now?” listings, you’ve likely overstayed your welcome. Exit gracefully, or we’ll haul your ass away. Gently, but away.

Congratulations to first-time winner Paige. For her imaginary prize we hypothetically present this amazing rocket-powered wheelchair, handmade with love by the apparently certifiably-insane Bob Gill. Imagine the Palm Beach geriatrics you could pick up with this baby! If this doesn’t say “I’m the fastest old lady in the Retirement Community” nothing does.

RocketChair by Bob Gill

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Hump Day Links: the capital of Colin Farrell

Ah, after all these years, what has not already been said about the protean talents of hottie and character actor Colin Farrell? Remember the time LiLo gave him her phone number in the gym? And he asked her how old she was? And she said seventeen? And he handed the card back and said call me in a year? and she did? And the rest is (medical) history?

He didn’t look like this back then:

A Baby Free Get Away Ends For Colin Farrel and Alicia!

Yes, it’s Colin “hottest fry cook in the chip wagon” Farrell, the pride of Dublin. Actually, given how drastically Lindsay’s gone downhill in the last year, he’s probably out of her league now, however much he might try to tone down teh sex-ay.

And believe me, he’s trying.

Colin Farrells soul-killing soul patch

So Colin, what do you think of Bruges? (NSFW language, unless you work as a blogger, in which case at least be sure the people in the cafe can’t hear this)

Sure, blondes have more fun, but does she LOOK like a girl who likes to have fun? (AgentBedhead)

There IS justice in the world (AmyGrindhouse)

Kendra Wilkinson a FAR better actress than anyone suspected (BusyBeeBlogger)

If nomenclature and PR couldn’t keep these guys together, what hope IS there? (CelebritySmack)

Topless hunks in headless story (PopSugar)

Vampires: they’re JUST like us! (Lainey)

Van spawns MINI-Van (DListed)

Buh-BYE, Ty-Ty! (DailyStab)

PETA’s pet peeves (CeleBitchy)

MUST-see tv (Gawker)

Brit is BROWN! (EvilBeet)

Lindsay’s found her CALLING (HolyCandy)

Rapist sues over label; still fine with DOUCHE tho (LitelySalted)

Homeless couple spotted with ADORABLE children (GabbyBabble)


Charlie Sheen’s Christmas CARDED (JustJared)

The AVATAR Holiday Special! (Movieline)

Mariah CARRY! (SeriouslyOMG)

Beckham’s BACK! (PopBytes)

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Friday Caption Contests Results: double header Mariah/Hot Ginge!

First up, our “vintage” contest featuring Prince Harry.

Prince Harry leaves London's Raffles Club after enjoying a night out with his brother, Prince William

el smrtmnky Says:
October 11th, 2009 at 7:12 pm

Lindsay Lohan goes full lesbian

Congrats and imaginary swag to first-time winner el smrtmnky. To celebrate his victory, we hypothetically award him with a digital, downloadable copy of the crown jewels:

The Crown Jewels

Sadly, these ones belong to Charles. Not quite the same, I know.

And our second contest winner, featuring far more of Mariah Carey than I ever wanted to see:

Mariah Suited

gemdiva Says:
November 7th, 2009 at 9:27 pm

What do you mean I’m voted off the island!? I just got here.

What shall we award our returning champion? How about something with a little more flattering coverage than Mariah’s outfit?Like this snazzy shalwar kameez

Shalwar kameez

Friday Caption Contest: Mariah Suits Up Edition

Do your best/worst in the comments section. And YES, we will announce the winner of the last contest very soon, provided there isn’t another “Canadian Prairie Freak Show” incident on the bus tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Jazz Hands!

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Mariah Carey and her biggest fan

It's ok, they're not divorce papers

A true pop idol never turns down an autograph request, notwithstanding it was probably part of her wedding vows.

San Pellegrino Links

I really should invest the time in finding a site or two with good nonalcoholic drinks recipes if I’m going to keep up this clean living thing, shouldn’t I?

Uwe Boll will not be kept down (AgentBedhead)

Mariah Carey rocks the Grade 7 look (AmyGrindhouse)

Kiefer Sutherland is calling me (BusyBeeBlogger)

Golddigger dug herself a hole (CeleBitchy)

The Prince of Paris (CelebritySmack)

Eve is transracial (CelebuWreck)

LiRo? SamLo? LOL! (HolyMoly)

Inaho/Kate Moss/sushi; make up your own punny headline (UKPopSugar)

Michelle Obama in Time (DailyStab)

Cher! Xtina! Burlesque! What more do you need to know? (DListed)

Harriet Carter’s magical doorway to the past (IBBB)

When stars attack…fans (SeriouslyOMG)

Is there a telethon for Lambertitis? (TenGossip)

Live without regrets…except that mis-spelled tattoo (Websters)

Peppermint Tea Links

Yes, herbal tea. We’re way holistic around these parts, yo. Especially when we’re hung over.

Time for the Libertines (AgentBedhead)

Christian Bale’s Terminal hotness (AmyGrindhouse)

Hugh Jackman dials down the testosterone (BusyBeeBlogger)

Michael Jackson’s kids surprisingly normal-looking (GlamBabyBumps)

Let’s speak Frankly (BWE)

Emma Watson, princess? (CeleBitchy)

Michael Jackson has skin cancer (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Kathleen Turner, you’ve changed (CelebuWreck)

Katie Price pimps out pix (HolyMoly)

The Ricky Martin of Greece wins Eurovision (DListed)

Shia’s greatest roll? (EvilBeet)

Patriotic partying with the Hoff (GabbyBabble)

Uncle Karl’s walk in the park (FakeKarlLagerfeld)

More Mariah (PopBytes)

New Viggo! (UKPopSugar)

CHiPs 2.0 (INO)

John Mayer survives brutal attack (SeriouslyOMG)

Make way for the decolletage!

My earrings are worth more than you

Get used to being on the sidelines, Lenny. The Mariah show has landed and if you’re lucky you might score a gig holding her purse.

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