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Mariah Carey | Ayyyy! - Part 4
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Monday Night Links

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Wednesday Humperlinks

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Memorial Day Hangover Links

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George Clooney Day Links

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Mickey Mouse Links

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Mariah Carey, engaged AND married

Congratulations Mariah, I don’t know too much about your new husband but may he bring you more bliss than a rainbow-soaked field of dolphins being held aloft by butterflies ever will!

In Touch has exclusively learned that Nick Cannon worked with Jacob & Co. to design the $2.5 million ring he gave to bride Mariah Carey. The store’s rep confirms that Mariah’s new 17-carat bauble was crafted from platinum and features a square emerald-cut, fancy light-pink diamond as the center stone. It’s surrounded by 58 intense pink diamonds and two half-moon diamonds on each side.

Mariah reportedly eloped with new boyfriend, Nick, today. The 38-year-old “Touch My Body” singer married Nick, who’s 11 years her junior, during a small, “very impulsive” wedding ceremony, according to latina.com. The couple met on the set of Mariah’s latest video and tied the knot on an undisclosed island in front of a few close family and friends, including rapper Da Brat. Mariah was previously married to former Sony Music Entertainment executive Tommy Mottola in the ’90s, and Nick ended his engagement to Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks last year. Reps for the stars did not return calls for comment.

Now for the important question on everyone’s lips:  Yes the diamond boulder sounds nice, but what was the dress like?!!? Unfortunately photos have yet to surface at this point, so in the meantime we can only imagine that she kept it short and sweet, just like everything else about the ceremony.

Vision in white

No, No, No, No, I Won’t Link Challenge No More

Gwyneth Paltrow wears what the Manolo tells her to (JustJared)

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck and My Little Pony: which one of these is slumming? (CandyKirby)

Shia LaBoeuf may or may not have gotten lucky(? if you call it that) (WendyWayrad)

John Cusack refers Paul Leydon to the hand (JeanJacketsBad)

Bloody Hell! Pete Doherty is insane (SeriouslyOMGWTF)

JLo goes all, like, Alpha Mommy on Nicole Richie (IBBB)

Adrien Brody is marrying retired Aunt Selma from Miami Beach? (ImNotObsessed)

Flat busted: Amy Winehouse arrested (People)

Ellen DeGeneris gently gyno-probes Ashlee Simpson (CelebritySmack)

Harrison Ford’s Brazilliant deforestation PSA/man-on-man chest waxing video (Defamer)

Celebrity cosmetic surgery slideshow (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Betty and Veronica: still best frenemies (CounterfeitChic)

Madonna is a natural beauty on “Today.” And what planet? (DListed)

Mariah Carey to turn Empire State Building gay (HollywoodRag)

Heidi Fleiss on her high horse again (WOWReport)

The happy(?) couple: Carmen Electra and Rock Himbo #3 pose for engagement pix (Websters)

Encounters with Seth Green (Mollygood)

Jonas Brothers kill and bury Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash’s musical cred (MTVBuzzworthy)

Clay Aiken thinks people from Omaha are stupid (EvilBeet)

Rachel Zoe is one cougar who never changes her spots (GoFugYourself)

Scientology teaches Katie Holmes to speak in tongues (CeleBitchy)

Scientology’s niece speaks! (AgentBedhead)

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