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Mariah Carey | Ayyyy! - Part 7
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Bosom patrol

Ah Aspen, it’s the only place to be if you have money and a hankering for a cosy snow-covered 15,000 square foot country chateau to call your own.  But beware the mountain chill in the air – what may be ideal chest-baring conditions to you may cause your less sturdy companions to faint dead away from hypothermia.


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Mariah: The Hands of Fate

I do so love it when Mariah comes out to play, as she did recently for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation Gala. Without a mike to hold, she has absolutely no idea what to do with her hands. It’s not as if you could use them to pick up your own drink or do other stuff:

MARIAH CAREY is doing nothing for her diva image with the revelation that she has a personal assistant who is solely responsible for her tit tape.

After she attended a VH1 event last week it has emerged that she has a dedicated member of her entourage for the enviable job.

A source said: “One assistant was in charge of dishing out breast tape, another wore a belt with brushes and hair spray and another one had portable heated rollers.

“The bathroom was shut down for 10 minutes for Mariah to be primped and preened.

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