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Life! A Cabaret, It Is!


Yes, the life of an entertainment blogger is a glorious whirl of glamour! I think this one tweet sums it all up, right there.

In completely-unrelated news, we are ready to announce some winners!

The first person to correctly identify our Pre-Raphaelite Mystery Girl as Angela Lansbury was Emily M, who virtually wins this imaginary retro-yet-contemporary Mr. Heater MHGLLPG Base Camp Pro Series Indoor Propane Gaslight, Gray.

The winner of the Wednesday Caption Contest with Tilda Swinton is:

Tilda Swinton as a PreRaphaelite Surrealist object

Tilda Swinton as a PreRaphaelite Surrealist object

Renée Layberry November 7, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

“I feel pretty, oh, so pretty!”

To Renee we hypothetically present the virtual very pretty Hello Kitty silver hand mirror.

And for our previous Caption Contest featuring Katy Perry, the winnah is:

Katy Perry Killerqueen

Katy Perry Killerqueen

Mike Still September 28, 2013 at 4:07 am Edit #

The Madame Tussaud’s Gothic Audrey Hepburn exhibit is simply amazing …

To Mike we hypothetically present the virtual Barbie Collector Audrey Hepburn Sabrina Doll, with which we’re sure he’ll be delighted, if only because it’s one of the ones you can sell for a profit on eBay.

Who’s That Girl: Pre-Raphaelite Version

Who's that girl?

Who’s that girl?

You know how this works: put your guesses in the comments. Your clue for this challenge: Our mystery girl has a current beef with a current it-girl. So either she’s still alive or she’s a really really assertive ghost.

Who’s That Girl? Marcia, Marcia, Marcia edition



Truth be told, in the early 70’s EVERYONE looked like that, or wanted to. I can still feel the scratchy polyester poorboy sweater (shudders). Click over the jump to see who this toothy kid turned into. And if you put a caption in for the Caption Contest, be patient for one more day. We’re still fishing them out of the Spam filter while recovering from the flu, so it could be a day or so before we give Clay Aiken his due.


Guess the Mystery Feet

barefoot mystery man feets

barefoot mystery man feets

Okay, so my answer to the Mystery Sock post was a little oblique. And not everyone has jumped on the Assange fangirl bandwagon, so here is a penance post. This celebrity is a very solid if elusive and Garbo-esque B-lister with an A-List past and unquestionable sex appeal. Can you identify our Barefoot Man with the long toes?

Mystery Sockster, revealed!

Holey Sock, Batman! Who's that metrosexual?

Holey Sock, Batman! Who's that metrosexual?

It’s time to reveal our Holey Celebrity from last week. Although we had many entertaining and ambitious guesses (Courtney Love? I ONLY WISH!) we had no actual winner this time. Well, it was pretty esoteric, even though this particular celebrity has been seen in sock feet more than once or twice before. We may make Name That Sockster a regular feature, since it’s obviously quite tricky and none of our other mysteries managed to keep you in suspense for long.


Name That Sock! Mystery Guest Footwear!

Yes, we are daringly venturing into the Manolo‘s territory with this, our first Guess The Celebrity By The Footwear post. But we are relatively sure the Manolo would never defile his blog with the following graphic image:

Holy Sock, Batman!

Holy Sock, Batman! I wonder who this could be?

Nice pedicure!

Guess the Celebrity Mom Results

You remember our darling Mystery Mother’s Day celebrity and her mom? We’ve got a winner:

Mystery Mommy and Me

Mystery Mommy and Me

May 10, 2011 at 5:30 pm


YES! At last we have a Guess the Celeb contest that goes longer than one day! Congratulations to the sharp-eyed Jo: congratulations and imaginary swag. For our new champeen, we have the very Dietrich-worthy backless sequined silk-chiffon gown by Ashish.

Stop! In the name of good taste!

Stop! In the name of ... all that is holy

Stop! In the name of ... all that is holy

The Fake and Bake is strong with this one.

Let’s all have a glass of Bolli fortified with Stoli and a good hard look at ourselves in the mirror (are we really turning into our mothers?) and a few celebrity gossip links with a Mother’s Day theme.

The great Hillary Clinton cover-up (raincoaster)

Mother’s Day food porn (ManoloFood)

Guess the celebrity and her mom (Ayyyy)

Norman Bates LOVES his mommy (Lolebrity)

Rock on: Mother’s Day ditty from Dwayne Johnson (AgentBedhead)

Sheryl Crow’s building her own Partridge Family (BusyBeeBlogger)

That’s it, Bieber! Go to your room! (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Sean Penn, you listen to your mother! YOU COME BACK HERE YOUNG MAN!!! (CelebritySmack)

It’s okay, Kate, don’t be jealous. Mom always liked you best (CelebVIPLounge)

Is this woman the fiercest mom on the planet? (CityRag)

Baby Beckham is already colour-coordinated (DailyStab)

Mommy had better get out of rehab soon (EarSucker)

Uh, is this some kind of bizarre Hollywood fertility rite? (FitFabCeleb)

Celebs and their moms on Mother’s Day (HaveUHeard)

Sparklepants and the world’s most famous unwed mother pose (HollywoodHiccups)

Mom Julia Roberts wants to save millions of moms’s lives (INeedMyFix)

Xtina shows off her babyfeed silos (MathewGuiver)

Teen mom Jamie Lynn is scaring me (PoorBritney)

Saluting Sophia Loren, about 40 years late (PopBytes)

Happy mother’s day from Roseanne (SeriouslyOMG)

In certain circles George Clooney’s birthday was also a holiday (SwoonWorthy)

World’s most famous barren womb indulges in Salvation Armani (TheSkinny)

The torch is passed: Madonna’s girl-child releases a single (TheSkinnyChic)


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