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Nicole Kidman | Ayyyy! - Part 5
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A Pronounced Link

Are YOU stalking Anderson Cooper? How to tell (Gawker)

This Week in Tabloids (Jezebel)

50 films that changed the way men dress (MensVogue)

7 that, thankfully, did not (Defamer)

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The Celebrity-Industrial Complex hasn’t finished with John Lennon yet (GabbyBabble)

Who wore it best: Katie or Tom? (PrettyOnTheOutside)

JLo is in labour, yo (Celebwarship)

Paula Abdul debuts robot voice in new video (AllieIsWired)

ScarJo and the 10 lamest tattoos in the world (Yeeeeah)

Does Madonna shave or wax her chest hair? (DoodleWhore)

What DID Perez say? (WOWReport)

Elle Macpherson is a wildcat (Gabsmash)

Elizabeth Hurley is a slave-driver (Celebitchy)

Amy Winehouse’s husband pimps her pictures to support his prison overdoses (HolyMoly)

Hayden Panettiere’s Candies (JustJared)

Ex-con approves of nekkid Lindsay Lohan (DailyStab)

Celebrity Drugs and Alcohol magazine (CircusHour)

Cindy Crawford in Mexico (ImNotObsessed)

Is Nicole Kidman risking her baby? (FitCeleb)

Colin Farrell cleans up nicely (Popsugar)

Jessica Simpson hates fat people (IDLYITW)

Welcome to the Linkend

Bad, bad gossip bloggers (Jezebel)

Paris Hilton stars in the debut of Celebutard Comics! (Defamer)

Bill O’Reilly’s producer attacks homeless vets (Gawker)

Isabella Rossellini’s transgendered insectoid porn movies (AgentBedhead)

Eva Mendes is off to rehab (DailyStab)

Kirstie Alley’s body Thetans get the better of her (HolyCandy)

Sarah Silverman is trading up…to Matt Damon! (GabbyBabble)

Michelle Williams issues official statement (ABCNews)

Is Lindsay Lohan shilling deodorant now? (ImNotObsessed)

Lingerie Bowl cancelled! (DerekHail)

Nicole Kidman shows off the baby bump pea (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Tyra Banks = Gloria Steinem? (Mollygood)

Malcolm in the Middle is dating a Cylon (Websters)

Mississippi to starve fat people (DListed)

Lindsay Lohan at traffic school (ICYDK)

Britney Spears is GD, probably SP as well (Yeeeeah)

Natalee Holloway update (Dissfunktional)

Amy Winehouse downgraded from rehab to hospital (PerezHilton)

Link Afternoon

See Saw? (AgentBedhead)

Martha Stewart enjoys a morning Martini with Meredith Viera (Defamer)

Celebrity Baby Auctions (Gawker)

Julie Christie is still a heartbreaker (Celebitchy)

So is Britney (Dlisted)

Ten smelliest celebs (Yeeeeah)

How gay is Top Gun? (Cityrag)

Lucy Lawless is a celestial body (GlitteratiGossip)

The Oprah Sarcophagus (CelebritySmack)

Portia and Ellen visi- HOLD THE PHONE! WHOOP, WHOOP, UGLY SHOE ALERT! (EvilBeet)

JLo and MarAn’s baby names revealed (DailyStab)

Spoiler Alert: Cloverfield Spoilers. Spoiler Alert! Duh. (fourfour)

Nicole Kidman is hoping for a visit from the Titty Fairy (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Julianne Moore is on the granola and yogurt diet (HollywoodBackwash)

Britney Spears is Bazooka Joe’s biggest fan (Celebwarship)

Bart Simpson is a Scientologist (HolyCandy)

Katherine Heigl is smoking, hot? (ImNotObsessed)

Jessica Alba is having a boy (Popsugar)

The Sean Young SAG wig-out video (PerezHilton)


Lily Allen is a party girl again (PerezHilton)

Pete Doherty ate my lovechild (AgentBedhead)

Heath Ledger autopsy inconclusive (CelebritySmack)

Viggo Mortensen won’t cross a picket line for an Oscar (CelebWarship)

Lenny Kravitz is saving himself for marriage (GenosWorld)

Jude Law is smiling because…? (AllieIsWired)

Owen Wilson buys a bong (Dlisted)

Naomi Campbell is the Abominable Snow Bitch (Bossip)

Best Buy pimps out the late Heath Ledger (BWE)

Nicole Kidman, placenta hijacker! (Defamer)

Myspace Tom wants to do more than friend you! (HolyCandy)

Miley Cyrus debuts emo look (DailyStab)

Bill Clinton and Gina Gershon? (Gawker)

Britney is banned from the Grammys (Mollygood)

Scientology is marked for death (ImNotObsessed)

Bindi Irwin says Ayyyy! (Websters)

NYC is Disneyland? (CityRag)

Totally 100% Heterolinkual

Sharon stone switches teams (AgentBedhead)

Jenna Jameson retires  (CelebritySmack)

You don’t know Tom Cruise Scientology indoctrination videos! I do! (Defamer)

Paris Hilton goes down again (CelebWarship)

Clay Aiken is totally gangsta, straight up (HolyCandy)

Matthew McConaughey went skyclad at the country club (Dlisted)

Amy Winehouse is Sporty Smack Spice (BittenAndBound)

Zac Efron, choirboy (Derober)

Mary J. Blige may be on ‘roids (CeleBitchy)

Nicole Kidman’s life on the needle (Nachobaby)

Tila Tequila, slutty, superannuated schoolgirl (TheGrumpiest)

Somebody has Tom Cruise by the balls (SeriouslyOMGWTF)

Elijah Wood rocks the Donovan bouffant (EvilBeet)

Salma Hayek unveils Valentina (DailyStab)

Oral review: Monica Lewinsky’s anniversary (Gawker)


Nicole Kidman pregnant, quitting (Defamer)

Tony Randall’s sex life (Jezebel)

Miley Cyrus underage Twizzling (Gawker)

Princess Buttercup divorces her Prince Humperdink (AgentBedhead)

Xtina shows off the baby-maker (TheMeatScale)

Mr. Blackwell’s Worst-Dressed List (Dlisted)

Your daily Britney roundup (Yeeeeah)

Paris Hilton drunken vagina exclusive (DrunkenStepfather)(NSFW, duh!)

Your new Bond Girl (TheBlemish)

Madonna visits Mumbai (JustJared)

Chris Crocker in a blender (Youtube)

Adriana Lima talks about her sex tape (TheBastardly)

New York’s roots (CelebritySmack)

Halle Berry and babydaddy out and about (DailyStab)

Toga, Toga, Toga! (GoFugYourself)

Karl Lagerfeld on the New Hampshire Primary (HolyCandy)

JLo Hewitt in the most beautiful dress I’ve seen in ages (ImNotObsessed)

George Clooney is quote o’ the day (EvilBeet)

Pitt/Jolie lovematch (Websters)

The QuWIIn! (TeenyManolo)

The signs were all there

Phosphorescent foetus

How could anyone not tell Nicole’s pregnant? She’s practically glowing in maternal pride.

The new link year

My life as Britney Spears (MoonbeamMcQueen)

Kylie Minogue’s Mom Jeans (CelebritySmack)

Kate Moss is still pretty (AgentBedhead)

Nicole Kidman breeds…(Dlisted)

Amy Winehouse on vacation with her ex (CeleBitchy)

RIP Rumer Willis (HolyCandy)

Halle Berry is Hawt (ImNotObsessed)

Jaime-Lynn Spears studies for her GED (GED)

Katherine Heigl at her premiere (PerezHilton)

Mariah Carey plant (Mollygood)

Jamie-Lynn Spears (EvilBeet)

Britney’s Boytoy might not be toying with her (ASocialitesLife)

Britney as Britney in Wonderland (Websters)

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