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A Man With a Vision. Which Includes Kittehs, Apparently.

I watched this video wanting to not like this man, but he is too cute not to like.

Bela: L’Homme Chat from Paul Trillo on Vimeo.


Dirty Martini Links

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 23: Actress Linda Marraccini (Dirty Martini) attends the Palme d'Or Award Closing Ceremony held at the Palais des Festivals during the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 23, 2010 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Sari about that: renowned ecdysiast Dirty Martini models perhaps the only example of a bondage sari in existence.

Here are your Dirty Martini emo links. Why am I so emo today? Read the last post and then mix a pitcher of Black Widows for yourself and me.

Underemployed Jedi single dad starts drinking early (Lolebrity)
Brian Atene is at the Nembutal and self-doubt again (raincoaster)
Brian Atene invented Superman Vodka, he’ll have you know (raincoaster media)
Here are two decorative, talented men as a sort of unicorn chaser (TeenyManolo)
This mystery man is filthy (ManoloMen)
Blohan blew it (AgentBedhead)
More Don Draper! (BusyBeeBlogger)
Paris Hilton says “Marriott? I wish I’d thought of buying it! I love Pocahontas!” (CeleBitchy)
As if the world didn’t have enough stupid things that make you want to die in it (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)
Hey Gaga, Scotch is fattening! (CelebDirtyLaundry)
Well, alcohol IS a preservative (CelebritySmack)
Dita, NEVER get between me and the Cointreau (CojoStyle)
My god, what were they ON when they greenlighted this? (DailyStab)
THIS man is intoxicating! (DListed)
This is the only man perhaps more perfect than Jon Hamm (EvilBeet)
Hallelujah and pass the Jesus Juice! (GabbyBabble)
I thought what happened in Vegas stayed there? Is that too much to ask? (HaveUHeard)
Where was SuperHamm when THIS happened? (INeedMyFix)
What’s wrong with Drink, Bitch, Sulk? (JustJared)
Can even Jodie Foster’s might save Mel? (PerezHilton)
If Pink is a drunk I love her even more (PoorBritney)

and now, your cheer-em-up unicorn chaser featuring OK Go and Puppehs!

Hump Day Links: Holy Week Edition

Holy Week in Zamora Day 1

Aww, no need to take it so seriously, guys: I’m having a bad hair day myself!

Celeb Snaps: Jesse James’s Nazi Salute and Ricky Martin’s Big News (TrueSlant)

Is Jesus a celebrity? (TheCelebrityIndustrialComplex)

Jesse James says it’s all a big misunderstanding (Lolebrity)

Celebrity retweets! (raincoaster)

The Madden Brothers decoded (AgentBedhead)

GLAAD to be Ricky Martin (AmyGrindhouse)

Jesse James is taking Tiger Woods’s sloppy seconds (BusyBeeBlogger)

Just in time for holy week, Madonna wants to dress your children (LaughingStork)

Pot and Kettle in name-calling dramz (Celebitchy)

Let’s all think like Lady Gaga (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Carrie Underwood kissed a dog (CelebritySmack)

Celebrity Pantslessness (CityRag)

Dancing With(out) the following Stars (DailyStab)

What Dominatrix clowns wear in mourning (GoFugYourself)

Hell froze over and it’s Kate Hudson’s fault (HaveUHeard)

Kief Speaks! (INeedMyFix)

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AnnaLynne McCords dog has its own life jacket also know as a Fido Float!

I’m so not jinxing this computer by using that title, nope. In any case, after our recent difficulties, we are swathed from Treacy to Choo in body armor, flotation devices, and spare bits of horsehair padding (biodegradable of course). So even if the computer dies again, I won’t hurt myself when I jump out the window.