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Who wore it better?


One makes genuine shopping trips to Paris, the other stages shopping photo-ops with Paris.

Victoria Beckham, craver of secondhand frocks

What a sorry state of affairs! What has the world come to when Victoria Beckham has run out of new clothes and resorts to slavishly imitating the style of a lesser-known celebrity:

Victoria Beckham has committed the ultimate celebrity fashion crime – brazenly stealing another star’s look.

Posh Spice spent Friday night rubbing shoulders with Cruel Intentions star Selma Blair, who wore a striking black and silver confection, at a Marc Jacobs catwalk show in New York.

And if imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, then the actress was surely delighted that just two days later, Posh was spotted at a party at the Maritime Hotel in exactly the same frock.

Somehow I think Selma is in a lot of pain right now. One can only imagine the horrible scene, realisation dawning on Selma’s frightened and pale face, as the covetous monster beside her ominously sharpens its nails against its stony palms in preparation for a voiceless and savage attack that will leave Selma a mangled mess but the dress beautifully intact.

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Take us to your couturier

Sentient beings

No need to panic, puny humans. We have come not to invade your host bodies but to observe your latest “out of this world” fashion creations.

What may be haute couture to you feeble earthlings is, to us, merely casual wear for lounging around the Alpha Centauri star system.

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