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Like a bat out of hell

Gosh, someone must have skipped lunch today. Normally she waits for her victim to finish posing for red carpet photos before dragging them to a quiet corner for a discreet feed.

Going in for the kill

First Eggnog Links of the Year

If you ask me, eggnog is the perfect breakfast food. You’ve got your eggs, your protein, your dairy, your fat, your… nog. And it’s even better with a shot of something in it, whether that be espresso or rum or all of the above, which reminds me of the time a woman at Starbucks asked me to make her a “tall, non-fat, non-dairy, no-egg eggnog latte.” To which I sensibly replied, “I’m sorry, we don’t have those, because God didn’t mean for them to exist.”

Not long after that I was given the opportunity to embark on a glamorous and rewarding career as a blogger!

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From the mouths of celebrities

Priscilla Presley on the weight-loss benefits of performing on Dancing With the Stars:

“I think I’ve lost inches!” Priscilla tells Extra. “You don’t feel like eating. You don’t eat before rehearsals because you can’t. Then when you come out of rehearsals, you don’t feel like eating.”

I’m a big fan of this diet too. It means that more people will get to keep their necks and souls intact.

Skim blood please