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Reality Show Stars | Ayyyy! - Part 20
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O Little Link of Bethlehem

The unstoppable fertility of the Spears clan continues unabated (WOWReport)

And they take in a showing of Juno, that teen pregnancy flick (PageSix)

So much for mom Lynne’s parenting book (DailyStab)

Lily Allen, copycat reproducticator (EvilBeet)

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie up the baby ante to 12 (HolyCandy)

Adam Sandler’s new ‘do (SeriouslyOMGWTF)

Brad Pitt’s hair through the ages (GabbyBabble)

Amy Winehouse arrested, released (CeleBitchy)

Survivor liar! (CelebritySmack)

Diddy’s party tips (Celebwarship)

Scarlett Johansson as you’ve never seen her before! (PlanetHiltron)

French President Nicolas Sarkozy engaged to supermodel? (AgentBedhead)

Pamela Anderson, natural beauty (DanasDirt)

American Gladiator’s porny past (Defamer)

At last, Britney wins something! (People)

Matthew McConaughey breaks his face (ImNotObsessed)

Worst celebrity parents of the year (Mollygood)

Something to thank Nicolas Cage for: Johnny Depp (PerezHilton)

Britney Spears is/is not/is engaged? (Yeeeeah)


50 most powerful celebrity babies (Defamer)

Don’t hassel the Hoff: he’s back in rehab! (CeleBitchy)

Prince Harry, prince of hearts (or certain organs, anyway) (Jezebel)

Adrian Grenier, volunteer, plus one (Websters)

No Wii for Paula Abdul! (Yeeeeah)

Katie Holmes shares Tom Cruise’s turn-ons. Travolta unavailable for comment? (Fox)

Toni Collette, still pregnant, sporting Spanish moss disguise (TheMeatScale)

Samantha Ronson makes Perez Hilton look good (PrettyBoring)

Jessica Simpson is big in Texas. Wow, so it’s true! (ASocialitesLife)

Jennifer Aniston uses hankie! (HollywoodRag)


They tried to make her go to rehab and she said “Soon, soon, soon.” (Mollygood)

Bai Ling gets her picture taken with Santa (DListed)

The Beckham family rocks the Cobain family look (PopSugar)

Victoria shows off the new funbags (HollywoodTuna)

Graffiti holy grail found in NYC (CityRag)

Winona Ryder sex tape shocker (raincoaster)

VH1 makes ’em, breaks ’em. NEXT! (CelebritySmack)

Tori Amos tosses fit, cellphone chatters, mid-song (YouTube)

You stay classy, David Gest (HolyCandy)

You stay classy, Hugh Grant! (ImNotObsessed)

Britney’s sick. Big surprise there. (US)

Rosie O’Donnell, American Gladiator? (AgentBedhead) (does this deserve the Athletes tag?)


Linkday Cookies (From Scratch)

The French Kissing Map (StrangeMaps)

Lindsay Lohan still no more of a sellout than before (AgentBedhead)

Britney needs the FedEx! (TheBlemish)

Tina Fey vs Paula Abdul (CelebritySmack)

Amy Winehouse is perfectly responsible, a light sleeper (Celebitchy)

Dennis Quaid sues drug company (TMZ)

Is this butt au naturel or no? (CrunkAndDisorderly)

Pink in the pink (DailyStab)

Johnny Depp needs a cleanliness intervention (HolyCandy)

McSteamy is McVersace (PopOnThePop)

Vangroover is de-Spiced (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Bryan Adams wants you to be nicer to chickens (GabbyBabble)

Teri Hatcher is sued for $2.4 million (ImNotObsessed)

Prince Caspian launches! The revolution will be anthropomorphized! (JustJared)

LOLsens! (Mollygood)

ScarJo sez nosejob no! (Perezhilton)

Britney makes a booty call (Yeeeeah)

Dumb people continue to sue Borat (Defamer)

In the CLink

Pete Doherty, bad boy, worse fighter (AgentBedhead)

Katherine Heigl is cute, honest, soon to be unemployed (HolyCandy)

News Flash: American Idol loser is loser! (Defamer)

Jennifer Lopez rocks the baby bump (CelebrityBabyScoop)

So does Ozzy Osbourne (HolyMoly)

Kate Moss converts to carbs? (ImNotObsessed)

Britney’s rent boy (CeleBitchy)

Renee Zellweger is Bee-having (ICYDK)

Heather Mills was a porn star; worse, she was a bad perm aficionado! (Ninjadude)

Ethan Hawke follows in the footsteps of Jude Law, Robin Williams (GabbyBabble)

What did Meg Ryan do to her face? (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Angelina and Maddox salute the National Guard (JustJared)

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden launch their children’s charity (PerezHilton)

Will Smith may or may not be harboring body thetans (DListed)

Whitney Houston’s comeback not ready for prime time (Bossip)

The Spice Girls sex up Vangroover (WickedYouth)

Carrie Underwood is back on the market (IDLYITW)

Bryan Adams sports a proud unibrow (TheMeatScale)

Lindsay Lohan, proud pinto (Celebslam)

Mandy Moore, proud floor-farker! (CelebritySmack)

Ashley Tisdale is a deviant no more! (EvilBeet)

What blinding light through yonder window breaks? It is Aretha Franklin! (Jezebel)

Can’t we all just get a link?

Danny Bonaduce’s penis needs a PR (Radar)

The personal journals of Angelina Jolie (Dissfunktional)

Julia Roberts, handicapped parking-stealer, paparazzi-attacker (WendyWayrad)

Gene Simmons rocks the dragonskin platform boots (TheMeatScale)

Katie Holmes loses the Posh at the Bambi Awards and no, I’m not making this up (PerezHilton)

Cyndi Lauper goes under the needle (Mollygood)

Prince William still has his girlfriend, most of his hair (JustJared)

Hollywood’s top 10 shocking secrets (CelebSlam)

Posh’s implants bow to gravity, but not much (Egotastic)

Jennifer Love Whoitt engaged (USmagazine)

Gwyneth Paltrow wears Uggs, hangs head in shame (Jezebel)

Jerry Seinfeld’s family troubles (Chicago Sun-Times)

Did Reese and Jake join the Mile High Club? (ShowbizSpy)

Johnny Depp, manorexic, but still purty (ImNotObsessed)

The Curse of Monica Lewinsky (fortunately not a menstruation story) (HolyCandy)

Lilo drinking again, yo (DerekHail)

Ads that work… on Winehouse and Doherty at least (AgentBedhead)

Shocker of the day: KFed wants more money! (EvilBeet)

John Travolta? No way!!! (LARagMag)

Angelina Jolie is coming soon to a barstool near you! (CelebritySmack)

Britney spends time with her kids, ignores them (CelebrityBabyScoop)


RIP, Big Martha (FromScratch)

What the stars are mouthing silently (TheLiteraryPursuit)

Today in Job Satisfaction News: Paris Hilton imitator sick of Paris Hilton too! (AgentBedhead)

Mike Tyson does the pokey hokey-pokey. You put your right cross in, you take your right cross out… (GabbyBabble)

Heidi Montag cute, stacked, delusional (FatbackAndCollards)

Dennis Quaid’s babies overdosed! (HolyCandy)

Pamela Anderson is exquisite, corpse-like, strangely tentacled (GalleryOfTheAbsurd)

Kate Moss stays classy, threatens Sienna Miller at a drunken party (FemaleFirst)

Ben- congratulates -Nnifer on her pregnancy (CelebritySmack)

Munchkins get their star (Popbytes)

Interspecies compassion (CityRag)

Lachey is back, biotches! (DailyStab)

Beyonce’s booty is back (GoFugYourself)

Johnny Depp sings the hits of the Seventies: the Eighteen-Seventies! (EvilBeet)

Will Ferrell has a murder-boner (FunnyOrDie)

The Bachelor stays single (Defamer)

Audience freakouts are Oprah’s Favorite Thing (Jezebel)

Yet another angle on the Jen vs Angie thing! Isn’t that so last year? (HuffPo)

Dear Rachel Bilson, quit stalking me (Craigslist)

Link and you’ll miss it

Britney Spears IS: the Bionic Woman! (AgentBedhead)

How drunk do you have to be to get arrested for drunkenness in Dublin? Jonathan Rhys Myers knows! (CelebritySmack)

Guess the celebrity whale tail (LiquidGeneration)

Heidi Klum forgot her pants, whale tail (GoFugYourself)

The UN takes on Amy Winehouse, will sendiCanadian peacekeepers to Notting Hill (Mollygood)

Kanye breaks down onstage (StereoHyped)

Alicia Keys is a ninja at the AMA’s (TheMeatScale)

Putting the “whatever” in Model/Actress/Whatever (CrabbiesHollywood)

Jessica Alba is not a morning person (DailyStab)

RIP Mister Whipple! (DListed)

The Hoff takes a bite out of Pamela Anderson (WebstersIsMyBiotch)

Julia Roberts shows off her new baby (PerezHilton)

Julia Roberts steals Handicapped parking spaces (Scandelerious)

13-year-old Amy Winehouse on her hopes for the future (WendyWayrad)

The Redemption of Omarosa (Defamer)

Kim Kardashian vs Beyonce: duelling junk (D*anasDirt)

Naomi Campbell: what an ass (Bossip)

Kristen Bell and her boxer (ImNotObsessed)

Give Thanks: KFed gets the kids for Thanksgiving (EvilBeet)

Owen Wilson, beach boy (Celebslam)

Simon Cowell is a Botox bohunk (US)

Vince Vaughn could cornrow his nosehairs (JustJared)

Link Cycle

Duelling celebrity babies (AgentBedhead)

Celine Dion gets freaky with it (DailyStab)

Ellen BigFatPlateOfNothingDiet Pompeo is wed (ImNotObsessed)

Buy Britney’s Starbucks leftovers! (CelebSlam)

Keira Knightly is Sienna Miller’s best (only) fan (HolyMoly)

Angelina Jolie’s baby return policy? (Popsugar)

Shocker! Jennifer Aniston is a sore loser (Popbytes)

Rihanna is an Oreo (CelebritySmack)

Jason Patric steals not just Julia Roberts, but anything else he can get his hands on (CelebNewsWire)

Matt Damon kicks Ben Affleck’s ass yet again (CelebrityCowboy)

Another Osmond in rehab! Oh, those wacky Mormons (ETOnline)

Heath Ledger another victim of the Kate Hudson hotness-sapping superpower (DListed)

A day in the life of Winehouse: ambulance at dawn, concert at dusk (PerezHilton)

Brangelina is island shopping (OK)

Brandon Davis is a toxic substance (NYP)

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