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Rockers and Popstars | Ayyyy! - Part 69
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Billy Bob: I’m not a stalker, I just play one in real life (DailyStab)

Ja’Rule, Moron. (Wizbang Pop)

Sing for your supper, whine for your dessert (Agent Bedhead)

Amy Winehouse, the pre-disaster pictures. (Hollywood Backwash)

Tommy Lee, just another emo blogger (I’m Not Obsessed)

J-Lo is retaining water? (Girls Talking Smack)

Rodent is the new diamond (HolyCandy)

Juaquin Phoenix, au naturale (Mollygood)

A Goth Christmas Album from Marilyn and Evan?

Jena Malone, rocking the Wellies. (A Socilalite’s Life)

Night of a Thousand Imbeciles

Manolo says, here below is photographic evidence of why the Manolo has labeled the MTV Video Music Awards, Night of the Thousand Imbeciles…

Baby Huey, Rap Star.

Doug Henning, Circa 2007.


Alicia sends herself in for a makeover

This paint job is phat!

After an extremely productive brainstorming session, the Pimp My Diva crew decided to give Alicia a shiny coat of bronze spray paint, custom leather trim and some super low-pro treads that would go real smooth on the red carpet.

Guess what they’ll be watching down at the bear pits tomorrow night

Christina has gone hunting for salmon

I’m bored. Let’s renact MTV VMAs’ most memorable moments.

OK, but this time I’ll be Britney, you’ll be Madonna.

Avril’s Pregnancy Scare

Avil Lavigne

Phew, one pink stripe. Guess it was just those morning-after tacos talkin’.

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