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Giorgio Armani, Queen of the Eighties (TheMeatScale)

Britney Spears, terror of the streets (WOWReport)

Kate Middleton, future barista? (Radar)

Supermodels hit the runway…at LAX (PopSugar)

Jack Nicholson has words of advice for young people (Goldenfiddle)

Brad Pitt’s long-lost Pringles commercial (JustJared)

Christina Ricci, owl monkey impersonator (TMZ)

Conan O’Brian met his stalker (CelebSlam)

Kiefer Sutherland parties on (Mollygood)

George Clooney on his first time  (ImNotObsessed)

Neverland is safe! (PerezHilton)

Far more of Mickey Rourke than you ever wanted to see (HolyCandy)

Fabio and Clooney: the romance novel (GalleryOfTheAbsurd)

Owen Wilson, barefoot in the park (DailyStab)

Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh faceoff (HollywoodOffender)

Nobody likes Tom Cruise, not even nice people (Dlisted)

Farrah Fawcett still alive, tanned, and with fabulous hair (CelebritySmack)

Kelly Clarkson cleans up real good (D*anasDirt)

Winona Ryder is Spock’s Mom (Defamer)

Kate Moss parties with a Drag Queen (AgentBedhead)

Celebrities who look like they smell (CeleBitchy)

can’t we all just get a link?

Switching Places: Old Rock Dude Edition (AgentBedhead)

Claridge’s hates Courtney Love (CeleBitchy)

Keith Richards may not be as immortal as previously thought (Divine)

Owen Wilson’s MySpace interview (Defamer)

Jeri Ryan is pregnant, pretty, political (EvilBeet)

Trick or Treat or TomKat (PrettyOnTheOutside)

Violet Affleck and Jennifer Garner ticklefight in Central Park (I’mNotObsessed)

Teri Hatcher is a Halloween Queen (InCaseYouDidn’tKnow)

Orlando Bloom wearing prison stripes but not going to prison (PopSugar)

Harry Potter, the Half-Blood Prince, and Dumbledore’s “beard protector” (JustJared)

Fox anchor or Pornstar? Take the quiz (BestWeekEver)

Fun with Amy Winehouse! (CelebritySmack)

William! Shatner! Not! In! New! Trek! (Jossip)

Please let it be Prince Harry (Dlisted)

Angelina Jolie needs a telethon of her own! (Dana’s Dirt)

Jerry Seinfeld, fashion critic; Renee Zellweger, straight man (GoFugYourself)

Jessica Alba has a clone! (HollywoodOffender)

Paris Hilton’s foreign pornshop rampage (HolyCandy)

Shaquille O’Neil, deadbeat? (YoungBlackAndFabulous)

‘Nother Naomi Campbell freakout (DerekHail)

Ryan Gosling is the new Winona Ryder? (WendyWayrad)

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley together again (DailyMail)


Paris and Nicky “TwigletThighs” Hilton go shopping (I’mNotObsessed)

Brad Pitt just has a wide stance (HolyCandy)

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson and Emmy Rossum lounging chez GQ (DailyStab)

Britney has an entertaining new stalker (CelebritySmack)

Meanwhile, so do gossip blog receptionists (WOWReport)

It’s official: World’s Biggest Gold-Digger (GabbyBabble)

Snub Madonna at your own risk (AgentBedhead)

Julia Roberts, beloved by beyotches (ASocialite’sLife)

Kneel to the disco-tastic glory that is Joan Collins (TheMeatScale)

Pete Doherty is clean, sober, still rather a basketcase (DListed)

Snoop Doggy Dawg is in da menz room! (Mollygood)

Britney kin reed, y’all (INFDaily)

Even Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen is perfect (AllieIsWired)

Mandy Moore LOVES the Raffi (BricksAndStones)

Mazel Tov, Drew Carey (Defamer)

Everybody’s pregnant: Lauryn Hill edition (YouhgBlackAndFabulous)

The Inflatable Prince Harry (PerezHilton)

Prince Hal

Manolo says, nothing says, “I am in the lineage of Arthur, Henry, Edward, and George” as much as snorting vodka through your nose with your mates.

Unless, of the course, you recall Henry IV, Part One


Connecting the dots

Isabella Blow, styled by Alexander McQueen and Frank Frazetta (SassyBella)

Christina Aguilera registers for baby presents (HollywoodOffender)

Zahara Jolie-Pitt flips the bird (TeenyManolo)

Is Ryan Gosling more Ryan Cygnet lately? (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Britney finds her destiny (PopSugar)

Is EVERYBODY pregnant? Nicole Kidman edition (Celebitchy)

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s marriage tips (I’mNotObsessed)

Coffee-wielding Britney fan seeks Chris Crocker-style stardom (Defamer)

The fifty best breasts in movie history (what, no Fabio?) (Filmthreat)

Sean Astin is still Goonie, after all these years (MTV)

Britney hides from her children (TMZ)

Who wore it best: Beckham or Bird? (HolyCandy)

Prince Harry’s sinuses are clean as a whistle (CelebritySmack)

The Pamela Anderson Husband-O-Matic (AgentBedhead)

Avril really knows how to work a mic (TheBlemish)


Hugh Grant’s cuddle puddle pix (PerezHilton)

Britney reunites with her Mom (People)

Pete Doherty rejected by Death (AgentBedhead)

Prince William’s taken, sorry (Mollygood)

Pamela Anderson’s married, sorry (Celebitchy)

Nicole Kidman’s military boob stance: drop and give me two pushups (TheMeatScale)

Christina Aguilera shows off her practice baby (DListed)

Jessica Simpson works it for charity (I’mNotObsessed)

Lohan is free: gentlemen, start your engines (TheBlemish)

Jaime Foxx’s training wheels bling (CelebritySmack!)

Maria Shriver, First Lady of California, picks her teeth in public (Celebslam)

It’s Britney, bitch: The official Gimme More video (PopBytes)

Britney, Lindsay, Paris: Mariah Carey has some advice for you (DailyStab)

JLo preggo, yo (TMZ)

KFed’s parenting tips (TeenyManolo)

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