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Congratulations to Us: Congratulations to You!

The Manolosphere will accept only the most glamorous waitresses

The Manolosphere will accept only the most glamorous waitresses

Shampers all around!!! My friends, we here in the Manolosphere don’t like to toot our own horns (French or otherwise) too often, but today we reached a momentous milestone (or kilometerstone as we say up here in the frozen tundra) and we cannot allow it to pass unsaluted, untoasted, unmarked.

Today we reached:

Dr Evil congratulates Ayyyy

Dr Evil congratulates Ayyyy

Thank you all for returning to this blog even when I go on a Who Wore It Best A World Famous Celebrity Or An Invertebrate spree. We raise a glass of virtual Moet to all of you and offer a roundup of some of Ayyyy’s favorites through the years.

My future husband (after Viggo)

My future husband (after Viggo)

Lapo Elkann, who is included not only for his elevation to the Best Dressed Hall of Fame but also for obvious reasons.


Lois Aldrin gets her kicks

Lois Aldrin gets her kicks

The irrepressible Lois Aldrin.


Hey RyRey!

Ryan Reynolds, also for obvious reasons.

Nigella Lawson in: Breast Supporting Dress

Nigella Lawson in: Breast Supporting Dress

and Nigella Lawson, because apparently not all this blog’s readers are straight women.

So here’s to you, readers! A toast! To celebrity fashion plates, celebrity fashion plates-that-Julian-Schnabel-got-his-hands-on, and to celebrity breastplates of both sexes. Just one glass can’t hurt, right?

No, I couldn't have another. Oh well, if you insist

Sexy Links!

Congrats to the cute couple

Congrats to the cute couple

Awww, isn’t that cute? The Duchess of Alba and her boytoy Alfonso Díez are making it legal. Living proof, if any were needed, that an aggressive nose job that results in you breathing out of two large pores in the middle of your face is never a wasted expense, if it allows one to attract men known to society paper readers everywhere as “and Unnamed Friend”.

In honour of the lovely couple, let’s toast them with a classic Champagne cocktail fortified with a little Spanish brandy, and read some sexy gossip links:

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WHAT is Gaga doing to herself in bed? (CelebritySmack)

ScarJo doesn’t let cobwebs grow on her ladybits (CelebVIPLounge)

VD Stars! (CityRag)

OMG Tila Tequila and Jennifer Aniston appear in sketchy video together (DailyStab)

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Anderson Cooper is NOT into beatings! (INeedMyFix)

Britney’s got yogabutt! (PoorBritney)

What’s Lady Gaga’s sex name? (PopBytes)

Forget the body: what has Nicole Richie done to her face? (TheSkinny)

Chuck Berry on line one… (SeriouslyOMG)

Hump Day Hunk: Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds doesn't know what you're looking at

Ryan Reynolds doesn't know what you're looking at

I ran into RyRey here during the Olympics (or rather, he was driving and didn’t run into me, even though his wife was distractingly sulking bitchily in the passenger seat, no doubt because she was overcome with jealousy, yeah, that’s it) and can verify that he has a marvelous, yet vacant-looking smile on his face even in the most completely neutral of situations. I wonder what life would be like if we all had marvelous, vacant-looking smiles on our faces at all times, including while navigating challenging rush hour traffic and dodging crosswalk-abusing bloggers…probably people would speak slower to us, using smaller, more polite words.

Apropos of nothing: Call me, Ryan.

Pee Wee’s Big Christmas Gossip Link Roundup

With Charo! NOTHING says “Christmas” like a blindfold, a Glen plaid suited children’s entertainer, and a song from Charo!

Jesus has two Daddies! (Warning: extreme cuteness)(raincoaster)

John Cusack then whispered it to attack Piven’s hairpiece (Lolebrity)

Ho, ho, ho! It’s a very 70’s Christmas (Ayyyy)

The secret Santa/Ninja connection (ManoloFood)

Elf you! South Park style cards (AgentBedhead)

RyRey gets ready for me (BusyBeeBlogger)

Keira Knightly gives the men of the world the greatest Christmas present ever (CeleBitchy)

Least Likely Headline Ever: There’s No Paris Hilton Sex Tape (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Yes, the Brittany Murphy story is getting even creepier (EarSucker)

Vanessa Hudgens, Michael Jackson impersonator (FitFabCeleb)

Tiny Goth gnome hides under mushroom (GirlsTalkinSmack)

Zac Efron eats street meat (HaveUHeard)

Pauly D has World’s Worst Hair and His Own TV Show (INeedMyFix)

The 12 films of Christmas (Movieline)

And let’s close with a visit from Grace Jones!