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Sarah Jessica Parker | Ayyyy! - Part 3
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Grapefruit Tofu Smoothie Bitter Links

All I can say is, I’d better damn well be losing weight. Tofu, people! I’m consuming tofu! Of my own free will!

Has it come to this?

Katy Perry kissed a girl and broke a mirror (Websters)

Are Ellen and Josh the new Kiki and Herb? (TenGossip)(raincoaster)

Kate Hudson recycles (ASL)

Courtney Love, put that back where it belongs! (SeriouslyOMG)

Courtney’s sandblasting not party-resistant (PopBytes)

Unicorn chaser: Tiger Woods is a daddy again (WizbangPop)

Beyonce hates her feet? (UKPopSugar)

The Rihanna/Chris Brown lesson (EvilBeet)

ARoid (CandyKirby)

SJP goes dark (JustJared)

Brace yourself for Fantasia (IBBB)

I dream of … Maiysha? (GoFugYourself)

Kate Winslet worships her bum (GabbyBabble)

It’s Jennifer Aniston’s party and she’ll cry if she wants to (HolyMoly)

Madonna reenacts the Pieta (Defamer)

Kate Moss has met her Evil Understudy (AgentBedhead)

Britney burgled? (CeleBitchy)

Do you think any of these people could hold down a real job? (CelebritySmack)

Americano Links

This has nothing to do with patriotism and everything to do with Campari and red vermouth in a tall glass with a lot of ice, a twist of orange peel, and a sizzle of soda. Thanks to the day I had, it may have everything to do with several of them!

RuPaul, Heather Locklear, separated at birth? (WOWReport)

PerezHilton on minute 14.5 (Websters)

Kathy Griffin is being sent to her room (ASL)

Before they were famous: Al Pacino (SeriouslyOMG)

Celebrity Twinsies (GiggleSugar)

Topless and wet! (UKPopSugar)

24 slideshow (HolyMoly)

Topless and wet times TWO! (Defamer)

Dakota Fanning: mini actress, mini dress (JustJared)

SJP looking to bolt? (PopBytes)

RIP Mouseketeer Cheryl (JanetCharltonsHollywood)

Britney’s New Year’s date (IBBB)

Lily Allen insists she has a talent! (ImNotObsessed)

Porn industry going down for last time? (CandyKirby)

Kate Moss beer belly or baby belly? (CelebWarship)

Katie Holmes visibly off her “vitamins” (GoFugYourself)

Hugh Jackman in leather (CelebritySmack)

Pete Wentz, Ambient music icon (CeleBitchy)

Santa Reznor brings gifts on Epiphany (AgentBedhead)

Eldritch, Unnameable Links of the Malevolent Elder Gods of Unspeakable, Relentless Horror from the Depths of the Void Between the Stars

The conundrum of Cthulhu

Probably the most obscure link challenge ever, barring the one CelebritySmack did entirely in pictures. Couldn’t touch that one! Our theme: the Cthulhu Mythos literary works of the late Howard Phillips Lovecraft, y’all!

Cthluhupalooza is coming! Hang on to your sanity! (Cthulhupalooza)

Jennifer Aniston’s uterus to remain in mint condition (CelebWarship)

Blogging the unmentionable John Malkovich (AgentBedhead)

Jewel puts the “try” in Country Music (CeleBitchy)


Acolyte robes for your Junior Star Chamber member (Pregotastic)

When the Great Old Ones fight, your vintage sitcoms suffer (Defamer)

Dear Gary Busey, it’s “freebasing” not “debasing” (DailyStab)

Hollywood stars are swimming in mortality soup (CelebritySmack)

Karl Lagerfeld sells his soul (FakeKarl)

Katie Holmes wears the Fangs of Xenu (DListed)

Paris Hilton buys a used den of iniquity (HollywoodRag)

Sarah Jessica Parker Dexter Ward has a portrait in her attic that’s getting younger and sexier (IDLYITW)

The Ancient One speaks! (EvilBeet)

The Statement of Harriet Carter (IBBB)

The very batrachian Beckham can catch flies up to 15 feet away! (JustJared)

Karl still Roves. Where are the villagers with pitchforks? (Radar)

Snakes on a Dame! (CandyKirby)

The Necronomicon of celebrity makeovers (OhNoTheyDidnt)

Grace Jones is from another planet, where they don’t have physics or gravity (OMGBlog) (NentirelySFW)

Womanly parts displayed at SATC event

Sarah Jessica Parker

The dreaded armpit vagina strikes again, and at a Sex and the City promotional event no less!  Too bad they don’t belong to Samantha Jones who would have been able to find some use for them in her own outrageously promiscuous way.

Give those things to me now!

Garanimal Links

Brad Pitt is hen pec-ed (Lolebrity)

Lauren Conrad screws the pooch (CelebritySmack)

TMI from QT (AgentBedhead)

Like a virgin?: topless model and Myspace celebrity Miley Cyrus (DailyStab)

SJP’s mole is MIA (Defamer)

New Jersey’s Confederate Christian manluv (FourFour)

Nelly Furtado’s gorillas attack rapper (GabbyBabble)

Black Canary Barbie not a hit with fundies (DListed)

Barenaked Ladies man is an animal! (CeleBitchy)

Housebreaking ANTM (EvilBeet)

Andy Dick is one (EOnline)

Helen Mirren, 62 and flawless (CandyKirby)

Helen Mirren, not so bad forty years ago either (raincoaster)

Hayden howls (ImNotObsessed)

Bindi Irwin’s relentless plan for world domination (IBBB)

This Bat has flown (DeadlineHollywood)

Banksy says Pooh! (Radar)

PETA has gone too doggone far! (Mollygood)

Humpday Linkeroonie

Pete Wentz wants YOU! To fetch him a taco! (Lolebrity)

Evander Holyfield pays child support after legal battle (BlackCelebrityKids)

Carla Bruni’s chansons d’amour leave 7/G8 cold (AgentBedhead)

JonBenet’s family cleared (CeleBitchy)

Ma Brady speaks out! (CelebritySmack)

Lisa Bonet doesn’t let being born 40 years too late stop her from rocking the hippie look (CelebrityBabyScoop)

David Lee Roth is nuts (TorontoSun)

Jamie-Lynn Spears is OK! (DailyStab)

Miley Cyrus is being all Miley Cyrus (DanasDirt)

Tom Cruise in: The Village People! (Defamer)

The Gawker Glossary (Gawker)

Matthew McConaughey rents the kid out for a snotload of cashola (DListed)

Christian Bale…you may commence drooling prior to clicking on the link (Websters)

Michael Jackson’s got some new wheels! (SeriouslyOMG)

Mary-Kate Trollsen is back to rehab (ASL)

Sarah Jessica Parker: The Bitter Bitten! (PopSugar)

John Mayer loves Isaac (Mollygood)


Naomi Campbell, trash collector (CandyKirby)

da hedlynz. dey rite demselvz (Lolebrity)

Omarosa makes The Bitch Switch (DirtyDirtDirt)

Breaking: Reality tv has standards! (CelebWarship)

Calum takes his Best shot at Lindsay Lohan (GabbyBabble)

50 Cent gives Taco Bell his two cents (AgentBedhead)

Amy Winehouse is down for the count (CelebritySmack)

Hathaway hath a haircut (DailyStab)

Shia Labeouf sets off alarms (ImNotObsessed)

No love for the Love Guru (CeleBitchy)

Michael Jackson’s kids photographed (CityRag)

Tom Selleck’s driving down these days (AllieIsWired)

Kelly Ripa is a Tippi Hedren impersonator (DanasDirt)

Jaden Smith takes after his dad (Websters)

My Little Celebrity Pony? (BuzzSugar)

Helen Hunt and the wonders of Photoshop (CelebSlam)

Mandy Moore is NOT dating the elderly Canuck (PopSugar)

A Spears in college? Never! (IBBB)

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker are cruel to their son (DListed)

First Links First

Sarah Jessica Parker haz a ward robe malfunkshun (Lolebrity)

Trent Reznor doubles his chances of a date Saturday night (AgentBedhead)

Eva Green searching for Trent Reznor’s number (TheBlemish)

Jessica Alba talks about the new baby (ImNotObsessed)

Tori Spelling pops (CelebritySmack)

Naomi Campbell threatens a generation yet unborn (DailyStab)

Eva Longoria may be people-smuggling (DListed)

Mark Wahlberg also pregnant (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Lindsay Lohan is working on Labour Pains (PopSugar)

Roman Polanski loves children (Mollygood)

Diddy is Daddy (UsMagazine)

Who wore it best: Larry King vs Donald Trump Hair Edition (CandyKirby)

Keith Urban unfamiliar with hippie babywear (Defamer)

Justin Timberlake is not amused (Gawker)

Patrick Swayze ingeniously extends health insurance by going back to work (Radar)

Blaaaaaaaaaaaake to be Incaaaaaaaaaarcerated for several years (CeleBitchy)

Madonna’s roots have roots (CityRag)

Perez Hilton’s clothing line launch mobbed by invisible people (EvilBeet)

Kate Moss can’t even go to the bathroom by herself (ShowHype)

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