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Sarah Jessica Parker, exercising damage control

Please, I don’t know these people!

No use hiding Sarah Jessica Parker, we know it’s you under all that hair and skintight glitter.  But we can understand why you wouldn’t want to be photographed hanging out with certain people.  Word might get around that you wholeheartedly endorse certain things about them, like his flashy new website and what’s become of her hair.

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Attention-seeking is a highly competitive game


Don’t you hate it when you’ve spent a whole afternoon trying to clobber together your most eyecatching combination of accessories, only to be outdone by the hat that ate Leicester Square?

It’s a man eater

Giant on the Loose In NYC! Accessorized Like a 5th Grade Girl!

 Reports are coming in slowly, but it is rumored that the giant is angry and prone to throwing massive hair scrunchies at marginally talented actresses.

Oh No! Not the slap bracelet!!!

We have not yet been able to confirm reports that earlier today Kim Cattrall was taken out by a six-foot slap bracelet.

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Only two more sleeps till Halloween

If you are still locked in the throes of indecision, fret no further for I have given you below the visual tools to looking utterly fabulous on the scariest night of the year – the pointed hat & chin combo, the self adhesive werewolf hair patch, the full length fully-lined cape and Richard Grieco.

For the lovesick couples, I invite you to eschew the Brangelina, the Bill and Hillary or the Beckhams and go as something way more mysterious and spooky, even alltogether ooky. Something neat..sweet..petite (da da da da dum, snap snap).

It’s been a rough week for Sarah Jessica Parker

Geez, what’s a girl gotta do to get some soft lighting and hand cream around here?

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