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Scarlett Johanssen | Ayyyy! - Part 6
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Blink Monday

Lucille Le Sueur? Celebrities’ real names revealed! (Dissfunktional)

Britney is pulling a Meg Ryan (NewsOfTheWorld)

Duelling bedhead: Javier Bardem vs Eli Roth (AgentBedhead)

Johnny Depp looks sweet in Sweeney Todd (GothMagazineBlog)

Marilyn Manson starts his holiday shopping early, gets sued (HolyMoly)

Boy George’s morning-after look. Morning after arrest for being kinky and felonious, that is (TheBlemish)

Pete Doherty’s bus is as dry as Utah, perhaps as full of powder (WOWReport)

news flash: Scarlett Johanssen says Woody Allen likes looking at boobs (WendyWayrad)

Now hear this! Lindsay Lohan has her period (Lohanfan)

Dennis Rodman may not be 100% gentleman (FemaleFirst)

Obama sez: “I inhaled!” (CNNPoliticalticker)

Paris is back, biotches! And looking like a Florida retiree (TheMeatScale)

Tyra’s sex life ruined by “problem hair” (HolyCandy)

Shia Laboeuf on Shia Laboeuf (ImNotObsessed)

Quiet Riot goes quiet once and for all (CelebritySmack)

Battle of the Saints: Julia Roberts vs Angelina Jolie (CeleBitchy)

Black, whack, and back: The Jackson 5 are going on tour! (Idolator)

Is Disney “Enchanted” by the F-bomb? (Defamer)

It’s a People Business

And the people are…

Catherine Zeta-Jones messy, still hotter than anyone you know (DanasDirt)

Trista Sutter, celebrity mom, self-hating whale (TeenyManolo)

Pete Doherty dumps Irina Lazareanu, targets Kate Moss (TheRadReport)

Scarlett Johansson gives away body parts to her men (CelebWarship)

Amy Winehouse won’t get sloshed before concerts, unlike the audience (WendyWayrad)

Katie Holmes, bastard spawn of Tinkerbell and Godzilla (GoFugYourself)

Ashley Olsen’s Donald Duck impression (ImNotObsessed)

Owen Wilson interview goes live at the witching hour (EvilBeet)

Cindy Crawford, serial sellout (DerekHail)

Natalie Portman, nude no more! (DailyStab)

Renee Zellweger rocks the inpatient look (CelebrityDirtyLaundry)

Britney Spears carrys drugs in her purse (HollywoodBackwash)

Japan makes Posh Spice smile (Glosslip)

Jessica Biel pulls a Britney Spears move, attacks with brolly (CelebSlam)

Keanu Reeves, 43, has girlfriend, 20 (GabbyBabble)

Borat sued for making etiquette expert look uptight. Whodathunkit? (HolyCandy)

Britney’s hit and run charge dismissed, DWL sticks (PopOnThePop)

Beyonce is your fat aunt (Fatback)

The Unsexiest Women: the blowback (2BlogOrNot2Blog)

Paris Hilton not to molest Rwanda just yet (Oscar Valdez)

Hot Links

L’Oreal kidnaps most of Scarlett Johanssen’s nose (Scandelerious)

Although she paid someone to take away some of it already  (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

A night of passion with Robbie Williams (AgentBedhead)

Brad Pitt sobers up for the kiddies (CelebritySmack)

Donnie Osmond’s almost drug bust (Starpulse)

Vincent “Vampire” Gallo vould luff to meet chou (GoFugYourself)

Suri Cruise is a two-fisted drinker (HolyCandy)

Jennifer Aniston’s secret wish (I’mNotObsessed)

Colin Farrell discusses his son’s cerebral palsy (ICYDK)

Leo DiCaprio manorexic? (TheSkinny)

Lindsay Lohan, Playboy Bunny possibility? (Egotastic)

Small, bedraggled Olsen creature attends Calvin Klein event (JustJared)

Sienna Miller’s graveyard grope session (TheMeatScale)

Anthony Kiedis joins The Embarrassing Parent Club (TheSuperficial)

Jessica Alba’s hot wheels (CelebrityCarParade)

LiLo is back, beyotches! (CelebrityNation)

Alicia Keys’ wetsuit (YoungBlackAndFabulous)


ScarJo is a total diva (DailyStab)

Paris is a lederhosen monkey (Agent Bedhead)

Prince is still the King of Fashion (Celebrity Smack!)

Jessica Simpson trashes the dress, drunk (I’m Not Obsessed)

America’s Next Hot Pornstar press conference (HolyCandy)

Saint Bob Geldof is Satan (CeleBitchy)

Rose McGowan knows Jennifer Grey’s pain (A Socialite’s Life)

Angie’s brood is a handful (Hollywood Offender)

Dan Rather’s lawsuit’s horoscope (Jossip)

Eartha Kitt’s still got it, still uses it effectively (Stereohyped)

Miss South Carolina Lauren Caitlin Upton and Donald Trump, together again for the first time (WorldNetDaily)

Courtney Love tore the dress off Kate Moss? (Hollywood Backwash)

Mary-Louise Parker’s new baby (EvilBeet)

Beyonce is back to black (GirlsTalkinSmack)

Happy Birthday Sophia Loren: older and hotter than us! (Mollygood)

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