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Mystery Flapper Links!

Yes, it’s another round of “Guess the Celebrity(and let’s see if it takes you more than fifteen minutes this time).”

Mystery Flapper

Mystery Flapper is where Karl Lagerfeld stole his fan?

Guesses in the comments, and while you’re pondering, I suggest you enjoy a tasty and nutritious Strawberry Flapper and some gossip links:

The most epic post in the history of epicosity! (raincoaster)

Brando prepares for his greatest role (ManoloFood)

Lindsay Lohan SANS FARDS (Ayyyy)

Harry Potter and the Slash of Fandom (Lolebrity)

Nicole Kidman’s been swallowed by a python (AgentBedhead)

And her baby is all, “Wasn’t SATC ten years ago? Whatever, Mom.” (BusyBeeBlogger)

So does three quarters of Louisiana, but that won’t make it happen (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Xtina has the hiccups (CelebDirtyLaundry)


Won’t you spare a thought for the poor reality show millionaires? (EarSucker)

What Beaker Saw (cannot be unseen, I warned you!) (FitFabCeleb)

No, Justin, that’s not what she meant by the Burning Bush (GirlsTalkinSmack)

Kirstie Alley not immune to gravity (HaveUHeard)

L. Ron Jr is five! (HollywoodHiccups)

Amy Winehouse put a ring on it (INeedMyFix)

The Oddest Couple (MathewGuiver)

Then she took some gigolo to Disneyland (PoorBritney)

Garey Busey almost gets Meatloafed (PopBytes)

I don’t know who this is, but I want it (SwoonWorthy)

Tara Reid still clinging to life, relevance (TheSkinny)

On the other hand, how much do most 90-year-olds make? (TheSkinnyChic)


Glogg Links

To be quite frank, Glogg is horrible to the point of turning your mouth into a place old spiders go to die and really aught to be the name of a Scandinavian troll of questionable hygene instead of a mildly intoxicating mulled wine drink, but having tasted Glogg the beverage I have to say that I can’t rule out it simply being the distilled legpit perspiration of said troll. I mean, have you put that stuff in your mouth? WHY OH GOD WHY???

Where was I?

Celebrity Dad Faceoff: Clark Gable vs Cary Grant (TeenyManolo)

Diddybreath; that just can’t be good! (AgentBedhead)

Poor Miley Cyrus gets hand-me-downs for her birthday (AmyGrindhouse)

America’s favorite felon is great company when she gets a few belts in her (CeleBitchy)

Jennifer Aniston ties one on (Websters)

The Battle of Christmas (AprilWinchell)

Tara Reid Promises to rehab this time for sure (TMZ)

The Devil Wears SeanJohn? (ASL)

The past tense of Reality Star is… (WOWReport)

Disney goes to the Porn Emporium (SeriouslyOMG)

Daniel Craig, 40, rocks the 65-year-old Scottish mackerel fisherman look (JustJared)

Lost Olsen Triplet found! (IBBB)

Brian Grazer donates to the needy (CandyKirby)

Hugh Jackman hosts the Oscars (DListed)

KFed is back, ladies! (GabbyBabble)

At least TWO teenage boys are sick of Hugh Hefner’s lothario routine (Defamer)

John Mayer enjoys Don Rickles’ technique of tension and release (CelebritySmack)

Chocolate Martini and Turtles Links

I like to have a Martini
I like three, at most
After three I’m under the table
After four, I’m under the host!
Dorothy Parker

Sienna Miller, superhero! (Lolebrity)

Janet Jackson appears to believe she’s one as well (JustJared)

It’s Pink Shirt Day! (TeenyManolo)

Mischa Mouse debuts as designer (CelebuWreck)

This Brit makes an ass of herself (AgentBedhead)

Congratulations to Miss Tara Reid on her engagement (CelebritySmack)

Congratulations to Miss Samantha Ronson on her engagement (HolyMoly)

Petra Nemcova congratulates Kelly Osbourne on her skirt made entirely of disco shirts (DailyStab)

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reunited? (GabbyBabble)

Jessica Alba’s BDSM PSA (EvilBeet)

Harriet Carter lingerie day, yay! (IBBB)

Katy Perry, novelty stripper in a toddler costume (Websters)

Ashton Kutcher on the bathroom habits of the billionaires (POTP)

Is it hot in here or is it just me? (AprilWinchell)

Betsey Johnson is SO STOKED for Talk Like A Pirate Day (GoFugYourself)

La WHA? (CrunkAndDisorderly)

Bears invade LA! (CandyKirby)

The secret history of the Obama pig (Defamer)

Anne Hathaway is no longer a receiver of stolen goods (TheSmokingGun)

When you’ve struck out everywhere else… (SeriouslyOMG)

The Brohawk, in its native environment (Radar)

Links of the Great Vancouver Island Quake

Big local earthquake. I didn’t notice a thing. Story of my life, really.

Russell Crowe makes his move (Lolebrity)

Jim McConaughey takes the Errol Flynn way out (AgentBedhead)

OJ gets his ass kicked (CelebritySmack)

Duff parents (CandyKirby)

SamRo to dish on LiLo yo! (DailyStab)

Cougarfights of 90210 (Defamer)

What Michael Jackson would look like as a man (Gawker)

Horses sweat. Humans perspire. JLo glows (DListed)

Cracking down on Canucks (EvilBeet)

Pigs DO fly! (IBBB)

Tara Reid is not entirely human (GoFugYourself)

Ellen and Portia’s wedding included cavity searches! (JustJared)

Axl and Kelly together forever? (Mollygood)

Your George and Brad unicorn chaser (Websters)

Venice Film Festival: pretty people being professionally pretty (UKPopsugar)

Kate Moss comes to the realization that models are supposed to be thin! (Jossip)

Tara Reid, old habits die hard

Haven of respectability

Before you have a conniption about Tara Reid looking and dressing like a very responsible party girl, you might want to check the back of the house.  I hear that’s where things can get a bit unsavoury but of course it’s nothing compared to the fallout when Tara decides that she’s been wearing her top the wrong way round.

Skank territory

Hammock and Sangria Links

Ex-Mayor of London begins new, more literal-minded career (Lolebrity)

Kiefer needs soap on a rope! (AgentBedhead)

The Family Panettiere pulls a Spears (CeleBitchy)

Britney finally gets some support (CelebritySmack)

Anne Hathaway nose what she’s doing (DailyStab)

The Royal Ronsons (EvilBeet)

A shirtless, long-haired Jake GyllenwhatwasIsaying? (JustJared)

The greatest movie trailer in the entirety of recorded human history (Defamer)

Hollywood is CURSED! (Gawker)

Angelyne is ageless! (DListed)

The real queens of child beauty pageants (FourFour)

Kelly Osbourne, cradle-robber! (DanasDirt)

Oasis frontman requires intervention for assoholism (GabbyBabble)

Things we didn’t need to see: Tara Reid’s stomach on Lil’ Kim’s body (POTP)

Seth Green, sex machine (SeriouslyOMG)

Bono sans shades!!! The end of the universe approaches! (CandyKirby)

Forget the Montauk Monster: it’s the Montag Monster! (IBBB)

Britney’s VMAs Mulligans (PopSugar)

Protest? That’s retarded! (Websters)

Link in the Pink

The photographers are out to get Katherine Heigl (Websters)

Dear Kanye… (SeriouslyOMG)

Good Girl/Bad Girl hair wars: Beyonce vs Kate Moss (Lolebrity)

Wedding bells for gays in California (Mollygood)

Jennifer Aniston is being “actressy” again (Jossip)

Joan Rivers is too sweary for England (PerezHilton)

Led Zeppelin wins best live act: what year is this? (UKPopSugar)

Billy Ray Cyrus is a metaphor machine (Radar)

George Takei gets a marriage license (JustJared)

Paris Hilton schooled on puppy abuse (WizbangPop)

Jennifer Lopez takes Skeletor for a walk (PinkIsTheNewBlog)

Eddie Murphy has a big head (DListed)

Usher is a sexpert? (ImNotObsessed)

Ho-down at the Bunny Hutch (CandyKirby)

Tara Reid not dead, waitressing at pirate bar (GoFugYourself)

Get Smart is on BoobieWatch Patrol (NinjaDude)

Will Smith vs Willow Smith (DailyStab)

Scott Baio’s baby’s health scare (CelebritySmack)

Chris Rock has something in common with Pete Doherty (AgentBedhead)

Heidi Fleiss puts the “mad” in “madam” (Defamer)

Information Superlinkway

Lily Allen miscarriage (PerezHilton)

Was Gywneth Paltrow’s hospital visit pregnancy-related? (HollywoodBackwash)

B52s release a new album (WOWReport)

Pete Doherty wears lingerie (Yeeeeah)

Or maybe he goes commando (AgentBedhead)

Amy Winehouse’s husband is a Mommy’s Boy (CelebWarship)

Diddy needs a new parasol valet (ASocialitesLife)

Piven buys dresses for women he’s never met (Mollygood)

Tara Reid; your drunk boobie pix roundup (Cityrag)

Sarah Jessica Parker pretends she didn’t have a nose job (ImNotObsessed)

There’s more than one Britney Spears? OH NOES! (JustJared)

Oprah fires Dr Phil’s Britney-bandwagon-jumping opportunistic Texas ass (Popbytes)

Hasselhoff holidays in rehab, lives out Fairytale of New York (CeleBitchy)

Rachel Ray throws coffee diva fit (HolyCandy)

Kate Moss, now appearing as Slutty Professor Trelawney (GoFugYourself)

The Albino Wino goes haywire (DListed)

Everybody wants Britney dead (Defamer)

Johnny Depp dresses down for Paris (CelebritySmack)

Meta! Article on how people don’t read (Gawker)

Joan Collins, rock of ages (Jezebel)

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