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Better Than Running Through Meadows I Guess.

Speed  Racer

I’m not quite sure what Kelly Ripa is doing in that contraption, but I do think it’s nice that O.B. is finally sponsoring sporting events.


Manolo shouts, Ayyyy!
And with this exclamation he officially opens his latest blog, Ayyyy!

What is Ayyyy!?

It is the celebrity-mocking blog where the Manolo and his friends will make gentle fun of the famosos and their foibles and follies.

Who are these friends of the Manolo?

Only two of the funniest peoples the Manolo has ever met: the very super fantastic and hilarious Miss Plumcake, whom you may already know from the Manolo for the Big Girls blog, and the wonderfully funny Spirit Fingers, whom the Manolo considers to be one of the interweb’s unrecognized geniuses.

What may you expect from this place?

Chuckles, giggles, laughs and the occasional guffaw, all delivered to you several times each day by peoples who have some of the sharpest eyes for absurdity on the internet.

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