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Zac Efron | Ayyyy! - Part 3
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Linking Glasses

Britney Spears in her most challenging role ever: virgin! (AgentBedhead)

Jessica Alba no longer ovulating (HolyCandy)

Olsen Twins not trolls: Olsen Twins elves instead! (GalleryOfTheAbsurd)

Janice Dickinson has a dating time warp (CelebritySmack)

Victoria Beckham has aquarium-ectomy (BricksAndStones)

Clone a Beatle for $48,000 (GoneHollywood)

Johnny Depp in the role of a lifetime! (DailyStab)

Naomi Campbell in cellphone freakout #eleventy-billion (Gabsmash)

Madonna finds yoga just not relaxing enough. May we suggest an enema? (Mollygood)

Kylie Minogue’s dominatrix gear at the Nobel Peace Prize dinner (Websters)

Ike Turner is dead: party at Tina’s! (PerezHilton)

Zac Efron cranks his Soulja Boy (JustJared)

Vince Vaughn: please don’t drink and dress (TheMeatScale)

Eva Longoria doesn’t do kinky (WOWReport)

Britney’s mystery illness? An allergy to press. Oh, go ahead, pull the other one (EvilBeet)

Top Celebrity Meltdowns of 2007 (ImNotObsessed)

Jennifer Love Hewitt may not have a big butt, but she’s got a big rock (DanasDirt)

Bryan Adams serenades PeeWee Herman with that good, old-fashioned Canadian Christmas Reggae (HolyMoly)

Most Overpaid Celebrities of 2007 (Defamer)

Bottomless Links

Riders on the storm: the Hoff, Lily Allen, and more (AgentBedhead)

Jodie Foster is an officer and a gentleman (DListed)

Merry Christmas from the Cruises (DailyStab)

Tour Kiefer’s cell! (Defamer)

Laurence Fishburne sez don’t toke and drive! (CelebritySmack)

Jack Frost makes a housecall to Amy Winehouse’s nostrils (HolyMoly)

Kiefer’s mugshot hotness! (GabbyBabble)

Shields and Yarnell and Knightly (GoFugYourself)

Amy Winehouse upgrades the shoes; unfortunately, not the rest of her life (HolyCandy)

Today’s Hell Freezes Over story: Aniston to spend the holidays with Brad’s folks (Popbytes)

Vivica A. Fox turns herself in, perhaps hoping to room with Kiefer (PopOnThePop)

Johnny Depp, still single, still pretty (Glosslip)

Lucy Liu goes Ninja on paparazzi! (ImNotObsessed)

Britney threatens BFF Paris. (HollywoodBackwash)

Zac Efron may not be world’s most macho male (DerekHail)

Eva Mendes goes skyclad for PETA (JustJared)

Cindy Crawford is still dancing on tables (JanetCharltonsHollywood)

Ricky Martin outed, pores-first! (Mollygood)

The George Clooney quiz (ivillage)

Daniel Radcliffe is hung like a horse (raincoaster)

The Linky Corral

Chelsy Davy comes to her senses; Prince Harry now off the market again (HolyMoly)

Tom Cruise, skanky old perv? (AgentBedhead)

Boy George vs Ginger Spice, bet on the chick to win (GabbyBabble)

Natalie Portman busts a move (IDontLikeYouInThatWay)

Zac Efron gets posies from photogs (JustJared)

Viggo Alan Poe: quoth the raven, Stallone is directing??? WTF? (TunaFlix)

Mary Kate Olsen shows off her troll hooker style (TheMeatScale)

13 going on 40: the latest Lohan (HolyCandy)

Amy Winehouse fired by tour manager (CrabbiesHollywood)

George Clooney is ready to ride (TMZ)

David Copperfield’s island, reputation sinking (StupidCelebritiesGossip)

A Paltrow grows in Brooklyn (but still looks Protestant) (Mollygood)

Chloe Sevigny for Chloe (DailyStab)

Lohan on the loose! Lock up your sons! (D*anasDirt)

Hard time for Lindsay (WebstersIsMyBiotch)

A surgeon’s thoughts on the Donda West case  (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Hawt Rainn Wilson and hot Dr. Pepper (Defamer)

Spice Fug (GoFugYourself)

Britney can’t drive with the Federspawn (PerezHilton)

Fakers convention comes to town

“Hang on guys, let me get my girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens so she can be in the picture too. I promise she’ll keep her clothes on.”

“Please Zac, drop the act – your relationship is as fake as my luscious, manly weave.”

“OK maybe….but not as fake as Janet’s face, chest, stomach and ass!”

“Damn straight, girly-boy. Now everybody relax, don’t stare straight into the camera and look as natural as possible!”

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