Chips down, players up

Jennifer Tilley wins

Jennifer Tilley wins

Actress, celebrity, and Colin Firth’s ex-sister-out-law Jennifer Tilly is currently cutting quite a swathe through the world of professional poker, winning her way to an income substantial enough that she’s talked about ditching acting altogether. That’s what WE call a Party Casino!

Fortunes have been won and lost on the poker table, but Tilly has a system. A secret. Something never known to fail in the history of mankind. What is the key to her gaming success? Two things:

2 secrets of Jennifer Tilly

2 secrets of Jennifer Tilly

3 Responses to “Chips down, players up”

  1. Catherine Novak October 19, 2012 at 12:26 am #

    Yo, Raincoaster!

    Dishy as Jennifer Tilly is, and as good as she would have looked on the arm of Colin Firth, that honour belongs to her sister, Meg Tilly. When Colin and Meg were married, they even lived right here in B.C. My sources say, in Hope.

    Tilly sure knows how to distract the poker pros, eh?

  2. raincoaster October 19, 2012 at 2:52 am #

    Yes, I got my Tillii mixed up, which I shouldn’t do since I’ve met one of them and crashed straight into Colin Firth outside the Firehall Theatre.

    That serves Jennifer right, though, going back to her natural haircolour and confusing the hell out of me.

    But they were never married. And your source is incorrect as to location.