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Classic G&T Links | Ayyyy!

Classic G&T Links

It was the 150th anniversary of the birth of the gin and tonic yesterday. Whatever shall we do to celebrate, hmmmmm?

A new Christmas classic (CandyKirby)

The great cultural classic of our time, celebrated (AgentBedhead)

And a new cultural classic is born (CelebritySmack)

Cougars: another timeless classic (CeleBitchy)

Obama Montana to be a new classic? (CelebrityDirtyLaundry)

Decolletage never grows old (CelebWarship)

or I could be wrong about that… (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Ebony and Ivory, some classic pianoforte (AprilWinchell)

Revenge is a dish best served on the cover of Vogue (DailyStab)

Hollywood heathens (Defamer)

Polka dots by Commes des Garçons (FakeKarl)

Beards are always classic (GoFugYourself)

Drop dead Reese Witherspoon (JustJared)

Harriet Carter classics (IBBB)

In the classic game of celebrity dating tennis, the score is always love all (UKPopSugar)

Celebrities! On! Toast! (Mollygood)

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