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Double Decaf Mocha Links | Ayyyy!

Double Decaf Mocha Links

Celebrity Dad Faceoff: The Shat vs The Blond (TeenyManolo)

Miley Cyrus has a hole in her head (Websters)

Zachary Quinto’s wholesome spin on bukkake (TenGossip)

Happy Birthday, Shia (ASL)

Hurley’s a womanizer (SeriouslyOMG)

Pete freed! (UKPopSugar)

Pete Wentz’s emo cred is secure forever (JustJared)

Fergie channels Xena, Warrior Princess (INO)

Just another celebrity welfare bum (GabbyBabble)

Madonna’s miracle! (EvilBeet)

Congressman explains the appeal of veganism (DListed)

Who wants to be Reecey? (CelebuWreck)

Kelly Clarkson or Chastity Bono? (CelebritySmack)

RPattz’s abs shockingly fake (CeleBitchy)

Clooney walks! (AgentBedhead)

Kirstie Alley’s reality-distortion field (Movieline)

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