Eva Green: more than just a Barbra Streisand song!

Eva Green vampira

Eva Green vampira

God, I love Eva Green; she frightens me, and it takes a LOTTA fierce to do that. I’m posting this picture for several reasons, even though the makeup is uneven, and black eyeliner forgives nothing:

  • car wash skirts 4 eva! If you have the knees for them, very few things look as good.
  • minimal, make that no jewelry; it takes confidence to pull that off in the Age of Bling, but if the dress is remarkable enough, it doesn’t need sparklies.
  • those shoes. Those SHOES!

I own those shoes. Thank you, Eva Green, for giving me reason to feel fabulous, if only by proxy.

In a similar vein, but a slight variation, these Dolce & Gabbana pumps:

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