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Faces of Mess: Goldie Hawn edition | Ayyyy!

Faces of Mess: Goldie Hawn edition

Goldie Hawn Faces of Mess

Goldie Hawn Faces of Mess

Somehow you just knew Goldie Hawn was a happy drunk, not a stroppy one like Lindsay Lohan or a maudlin one like that aunt of yours who always gets into the cheap merlot and ends up weeping her mascara down her chin at the thought that she once had a shot at being Miss 4H Goat Cheese ’86 or whatever. Goldie looks like the kind of woman who’d down a forty pounder of JD by way of warmup and then try to lead the whole bar in a hand-holding singalong of Kumbayah or at least something from Bon Jovi. How can you not love her?

I once saw her and Kurt exiting a grocery store in Vancouver, and Goldie held the door for a little old lady. And yes, they both have the best asses on the planet, STILL: Kurt and Goldie, that is. I didn’t notice the little old lady’s.

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