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First Links First

Sarah Jessica Parker haz a ward robe malfunkshun (Lolebrity)

Trent Reznor doubles his chances of a date Saturday night (AgentBedhead)

Eva Green searching for Trent Reznor’s number (TheBlemish)

Jessica Alba talks about the new baby (ImNotObsessed)

Tori Spelling pops (CelebritySmack)

Naomi Campbell threatens a generation yet unborn (DailyStab)

Eva Longoria may be people-smuggling (DListed)

Mark Wahlberg also pregnant (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Lindsay Lohan is working on Labour Pains (PopSugar)

Roman Polanski loves children (Mollygood)

Diddy is Daddy (UsMagazine)

Who wore it best: Larry King vs Donald Trump Hair Edition (CandyKirby)

Keith Urban unfamiliar with hippie babywear (Defamer)

Justin Timberlake is not amused (Gawker)

Patrick Swayze ingeniously extends health insurance by going back to work (Radar)

Blaaaaaaaaaaaake to be Incaaaaaaaaaarcerated for several years (CeleBitchy)

Madonna’s roots have roots (CityRag)

Perez Hilton’s clothing line launch mobbed by invisible people (EvilBeet)

Kate Moss can’t even go to the bathroom by herself (ShowHype)

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