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Jennifer Tilly, an a pile of her poker winnings.

Jennifer Tilly, an a pile of her poker winnings.

Many people enjoy keep tabs on the comings and goings of various celebrities. They often lead lives that we find interesting because they are much more glamorous than our own. However, sometimes the things celebrities enjoy doing really aren’t that different than the things we enjoy. For instance, casino gambling is one activity that seems to appeal to celebrities. It is entirely possibly when spending an evening out at the casino that you could spot a celebrity.

Poker is one particular casino game that many celebrities find appealing. Many celebrities are well known for their poker playing prowess. One of the most skilled is actor Ben Affleck. He is known to frequent poker rooms designed exclusively for high rollers. He also won the California State Poker Championship about a decade ago. Often celebrities will play poker to raise money for charity. One event is the Celebrity Poker Showdown which has featured actors like Matthew Perry. Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former president Bill Clinton, has also been known to enjoy poker playing to raise money for charity. Actress Ashley Judd is also a familiar face in celebrity poker tournaments. This southern beauty can be spotted at casinos in various locations.

Other celebrities have been part of poker tournament. Actor, Brad Pitt, was once a player on the Grand Poker Series. He played remarkably well and finished in third place. Pitt was one of the stars of the Ocean’s 11 movie which featured casinos in it. His fellow stars also can be found enjoying gambling in the casino. George Clooney is well known as a skilled gambler. While Clooney is known to play various games, he has a preference for poker. Many celebrities find poker to be rather thrilling given the mental aspect that is part of the game, but you’re more likely to see them in a land-based casino as opposed to an online one like due to the glam

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