Garanimal Links

Brad Pitt is hen pec-ed (Lolebrity)

Lauren Conrad screws the pooch (CelebritySmack)

TMI from QT (AgentBedhead)

Like a virgin?: topless model and Myspace celebrity Miley Cyrus (DailyStab)

SJP’s mole is MIA (Defamer)

New Jersey’s Confederate Christian manluv (FourFour)

Nelly Furtado’s gorillas attack rapper (GabbyBabble)

Black Canary Barbie not a hit with fundies (DListed)

Barenaked Ladies man is an animal! (CeleBitchy)

Housebreaking ANTM (EvilBeet)

Andy Dick is one (EOnline)

Helen Mirren, 62 and flawless (CandyKirby)

Helen Mirren, not so bad forty years ago either (raincoaster)

Hayden howls (ImNotObsessed)

Bindi Irwin’s relentless plan for world domination (IBBB)

This Bat has flown (DeadlineHollywood)

Banksy says Pooh! (Radar)

PETA has gone too doggone far! (Mollygood)

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