Goodbye Viva Forever, Hello Foxy Bingo Mom

It’s ironic that a musical entitled VIVA Forever won’t last forever. The show bid farewell a few weeks ago and it was attended by Emma Bunton a.k.a. Baby Spice and Melanie C a.k.a. Sporty Spice. The play was based on the career of famous UK-based girl group Spice Girls, which was a huge phenomenon back in the 1990s. It was directed by actress/comedienne Jennifer Saunders. Too bad, this musical didn’t last that long. Maybe the girl group already lost their spice.

Despite the short-lived stint of VIVA Forever, one of the Spice Girls continues to sizzle with her career and that is Emma Bunton. She was recently named as foxybingo’s “Celebrity Mom of the Year” and said that she felt honored to receive this award. Bunton got most of the votes in this annual poll followed by other foxy moms including Michelle Heaton, Claire Richards, Myleene Klass, and Holly Willoughby. This blonde bombshell must have felt like she won the jackpot at a bingo game after getting the award. Who would ever think that you can get an award out of playing bingo, right? I thought the only reward that you can get out of this game is money. Well, I won’t complain if I get both the award and money just like Emma Bunton, who we can probably call Lucky Spice now.

Luck seems to be on the side of this former Spice Girl member because she also recently signed a contract with ITV for the network’s new show called Your Face Sounds Familiar. So what is this show all about? If you say, “Don’t tell me this is another talent show?” then you guessed it right. Yes, talent shows are becoming a trend on television, but what makes this different than the others? On this show, celebrities will be asked to mimic different musicians each week; and Emma Bunton together with the other judges will give points for each performance. The winner will be the one who earns the highest points coming from both the judges and the viewers. Sound interesting, right? I can’t wait to see any of the contestants do Psy’s “Gangnam Style”; or better yet hear Emma Bunton sing the nursery rhyme “Bingo”.

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