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Grog and Frog’s Legs Links | Ayyyy!

Grog and Frog’s Legs Links

Well it kinda rhymes! Besides, who doesn’t like a good sipping grog and some crispy-fried frog’s legs to dunk?

Steve Carell is Mister Smooth (Lolebrity)

Someone nail those Spears fallopian tubes shut! (AgentBedhead)

Gerard Butler goes all Spartan on a pap (CeleBitchy)

Travis Barker has second sight! (CelebritySmack)

Pamela Anderson vs Cate Blanchett? (Defamer)

Lauren Bacall does not fear the wrath of Xenu (DListed)

Old King Karl was a merry, somewhat addled old soul (FakeKarl)

Get your That One t-shirts here! (EvilBeet)

Real Paris Hilton gets real political with Fake POTUS (GabbyBabble)

Weird Al is BACK, BITCHES! (SeriouslyOMG)

Aubrey O’Day must be a Republican (GoFugYourself)

The least wanted celebrity sex tape in history (CandyKirby)

MySpace fun with Lindsay Lohan fans (IBBB)

Spaghetti Cat strikes back! (MollyGood)

and then Madonna banned the Pope, Rasputin, Ethelred the Unready, and Howard the Duck (Websters)

Princes William and Harry are biker brothers (UKPopSugar)

The Cruise’s e-meter gets hooked up to the internet (CelebrityDirt)

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