Happy Maybe-End-To-Spinsterhood, Jennifer Aniston!

Jennifer Aniston wore a white dress maybe

For your second wedding, shouldn’t you wear off white?

Possibly and conditional congratulations to Our Lady of the Headlights, Jennifer Aniston. According to a pretty solid rumour posted over on Celebitchy, she got married to the very attractive and I’m sure quite well known Whatsisname that she’s been dating since, you know, the one before. Clever girl, (allegedly) doing it while everyone was distracted with the Royal Baby, Carlos Danger, and the fact that I was on vacation! Oh well, a gossip artiste’s work is never done.

We at Ayyyy.com adore weddings, and haven’t been to one in far too long. For the rumoured to be bridal couple we will hypothetically present this magnificent, and entirely virtual, 2 gallon light-up Margarita fountain!

That takes care of the bride; the rest of you will have to get your own drinks!

Margarita Fountain

2 Responses to “Happy Maybe-End-To-Spinsterhood, Jennifer Aniston!”

  1. Mike Jahn July 25, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    Angelina Jolie being unwilling or unable to stay off the front pages long enough for Jen to have a red-carpet wedding that the press would cover, Jen gave up and got hitched in a Taco Bell in Encino.