Hard Cider and Apple Crumble Links

Britney Spears or Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bad wig? YOU DECIDE! (Lolebrity)

Job posting of the year: Courtney Love needs someone to document, then clean up after, the craziness (AgentBedhead)

Sam Ronson hates lesbians? (CelebritySmack)

Pete Doherty goes all John Cusack (HolyMoly)

Tori Spelling, Donna Martin, and The Secret (IBBB)

Porn stars: twice as fertile! (DailyStab)

ZOMG stop the presses: Clay Aiken is GAY???? (Defamer)

ZOMG stop the presses: Lindsay Lohan is GAY???? (Defamer)

Gold for gossip (Gawker)

Lisa Rinna is cougarrific! (GoFugYourself)

Clay Aiken is a Sarah Palin impersonator! (CandyKirby)

Gwyneth Paltrow has forgotten more than you’ll ever know about web design, mortals! (CeleBitchy)

Sharon Stone: you win a few, you lose a few. Too bad they’re your children (DListed)

Chris Rock schools Bill Clinton (Mollygood)

Dita von Teese debuts her teasers (UKPopSugar)

33 worst celebrity baby names (Babble)

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