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Hot Buttered Brandy Links | Ayyyy!

Hot Buttered Brandy Links

When you’re out of rum, you’ve got to improvise. And you think those French farmers would drink imported stuff, cold night or not? Hardly!

Tina Turner is hot stuff! (SkinnyVsCurvy)

Tom and Katie and Dave and Vicky heat up (AgentBedhead)

Ivana new boytoy (CelebritySmack)

Patrick Swayze sets things straight (CeleBitchy)

Colbert vs Kanye; the war heats up (TheBastardly)

It’s the Great Recession, Charlie Brown! (IBBB)

Pure evil vs natural beauty (DListed)

Blaaaaaake Incarcerated Again (DailyStab)

Was Kate Winslet cheated of nude glory? (Defamer)

Can “Zoolander II” be true? (EvilBeet)

Sean Penn turned the heat up on James Franco (GabbyBabble)

Starlet attacked by yeti (GoFugYourself)

Camilla Belle not so hung up on personal hygiene (Websters)

Boy George will cuff you! (Mollygood)

Helena Bonham Carter’s mime performance of Les Miserables (CandyKirby)

Jessica Alba’s a Campari calendar girl (PopSugar)

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