Hump Day Links

Rodarte - Front Row - Spring 2010 MBFW

Elijah Wood’s man of the people move: messenger bag strap: OVER the tie, ON the red carpet. Awwww.

Fashion correspondent wars! (DemiCouture)

Law and Order and Vanity and Fair and Blogs and Sex and Death (AgentBedhead)

Kanye Kant (BusyBeeBlogger)

BatBoy and Ed Anger sign with CAA in Axis of Hollywood Evil Pact (TheHollywoodReporter)

The Return of Old Spice (AmyGrindhouse)

Jessica Simpson is William Lyon Mackenzie King’s dream girl (FatbackMedia)

Mass conversion to Russian Orthodoxy advised (CelebritySmack)

John Mayer reduced to dating editors (Celebitchy)

Leona Lewis, author, gets no respect (DailyStab)

How to get a head in fashion (DListed)

RIP Captain Lou (BWE)

David Duchovny, cougar bait (INO)

Al Pacino is a hustler (GabbyBabble)

Where The Wild Things Are: New York City (HolyMoly)

Blake Lively juggles three jobs: flamenco dancer, hooker, and ostrich (JustJared)

Fattie Fired! Lauren Mired! This is tired! (EvilBeet)

Emails of the Great Directors, part one (Movieline)

The Jackson Family Tragedy remake (Websters)

Dear John…why isn’t Channing Tatum naked? (TenGossip)

The Bitch is Back (SeriouslyOMG)

BOTH sides of this couple are female impersonators (UKPopSugar)

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