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Hump Day Links: Holy Week Edition | Ayyyy!

Hump Day Links: Holy Week Edition

Holy Week in Zamora Day 1

Aww, no need to take it so seriously, guys: I’m having a bad hair day myself!

Celeb Snaps: Jesse James’s Nazi Salute and Ricky Martin’s Big News (TrueSlant)

Is Jesus a celebrity? (TheCelebrityIndustrialComplex)

Jesse James says it’s all a big misunderstanding (Lolebrity)

Celebrity retweets! (raincoaster)

The Madden Brothers decoded (AgentBedhead)

GLAAD to be Ricky Martin (AmyGrindhouse)

Jesse James is taking Tiger Woods’s sloppy seconds (BusyBeeBlogger)

Just in time for holy week, Madonna wants to dress your children (LaughingStork)

Pot and Kettle in name-calling dramz (Celebitchy)

Let’s all think like Lady Gaga (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Carrie Underwood kissed a dog (CelebritySmack)

Celebrity Pantslessness (CityRag)

Dancing With(out) the following Stars (DailyStab)

What Dominatrix clowns wear in mourning (GoFugYourself)

Hell froze over and it’s Kate Hudson’s fault (HaveUHeard)

Kief Speaks! (INeedMyFix)

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