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LolCats want you to LEAVE BRITNEY ALOOOOONE! (icanhascheeseburger)

Faith Hill is faithful to fashion (DailyStab)

Taking Marilyn Manson home to Mom & Dad (AgentBedhead)

Lily Allen and Kate Moss show that classic English restraint (CelebritySmack)

Lindsay Lohan is clean, sober, still confused (ASocialite’sLife)

Brad Pitt’s VPL????? (I’mNotObsessed)

George Clooney’s new sex toy (HolyCandy)

Owen Wilson’s sober vacation plans (CeleBitchy)

Jennifer Garner and the meaning of the cash bar (LaineyGossip)

Keri Russell and baby River (HollywoodOffender)

Hot Celebrity Daddies! (CityRag)

At least Danny Bonaduce is wanted by someone! (TMZ)

Elizabeth Taylor is STILL big! It’s the pictures that got small! (Mollygood)

Charlie Sheen is one nasty babydaddy! (ICYDK)

Your colossal daily Britney screwup roundup (HollyScoop)

Angelina collapses drunkenly OR a tabloid is really reaching for headlines (PopBytes)

Even socialites get the shoe-fitting blues (Park Avenue Peerage)

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