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Is it Tuesday Already Links | Ayyyy!

Is it Tuesday Already Links

Yes, yes it is. So have a nutritious Maple Leaf Martini and enjoy some tasty gossip links.

LolPalin (Lolebrity)

Suri! Step away from the Man in Black! (Websters)

How does it go? Ashes to ashes, guano to Posh? (SeriouslyOMG)

Actual pirates take a write-down as result of credit crisis (Radar)

Today in Things We’d Rather Not Think About News, David Crosby on the NBA’s members (DListed)

CBS desperately needs David Crosby’s help (CandyKirby)

What will Matt Damon say? Jimmy Kimmel’s right hand will soon find out! (EvilBeet)

Absolutely Fabulous to be imported, made 80% less fabulous (WoW)

Halle Berry is the sexiest woman alive (JustJared)

George Clooney is hot, wet, and ready for some one on one (PopSugar yes PopSugar!)

The latest Bond Girl was born with uh … extra appendages (HolyMoly)

Diddy fires Aubrey O’Day, the only woman who wears false lashes on the bottom, too (PerezHilton)

George W Bush offers his thoughtful perspective on the Iraq War (Mollygood)

Anna Faris stars in: Lopsided In Pink (GoFugYourself)

Today in Crazy Cab Driver TV (FourFour)

Steve Carell has shingles (Defamer)

Vlad (Putin) the Impaler (Gawker)

Keira Knightly’s life is worth Writer’s Guild of America minimum $ (DailyStab)

Shirley Manson speaks! (CelebritySmack)

Wait, Amy Winehouse can read? (AgentBedhead)

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