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Jesus Speaks! | Ayyyy!

Jesus Speaks!

Oh, snap! Isn’t it easier to just order the collection from Amazon? And on that happy, life-saving note, let’s have a Golden Girls CockTea and share some gossip links. Roll up your caftan sleeves, because this is juicy.

Golden Girls CockTeas

Golden Girls CockTeas. Thank you for being a bartender!

Some people are too smart to fall for Nickelback. Like these Irish folk dancing PhD candidates. (raincoaster)

To serve man. With appropriate wines and side dishes. No really, this is a how-to article (ManoloFood)

Brad, Pitts. I liked Colin Farrell’s look better on Colin Farrell, did you? (Ayyyy)

My boyfriend wrote a book about me and here is my review of it. Oh, this should be juicy! (Crasstalk)

When duckfaces collide! Kim Kardashian and Snooki prepare to ruin popular entertainment for a generation. (AgentBedhead)

Teach me how to Dougie. Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and Over. (BusyBeeBlogger)

Dude looks like a lady…in the right light, if you squint a bit, so another dude said Sure, why not? (CelebDirtyLaundry)

Oh come ON! That’s Arnold in drag, you’re not fooling anyone. (CelebritySmack)

Kirk Cameron needs to adjust his medication. I don’t think Stephen Hawking ever did heroin. (CelebVIPLounge)

It’s Lady Gaga’s world. We just read magazines in it. Magazines that tell us it’s her world. (DailyStab)

Happy Birthday, Trent. My Future Husband is looking good! Nice of his current wife to warm him up for me (DippedInCream)

Eva’s revenge: ZsaZsa in a coma! Magda still dead. (EarSucker)

Vanessa Hudgens gives up on dreams of acting, joins Glee. She’ll be opening for Nickelback soon. (FitFabCeleb)

Fergie, Duchess of Pork, butters up the mealticket. God knows she’s unemployable (GirlsTalkinSmack)

and Liza and Halston were there, too! The world says good-bye to Oprah. (HaveUHeard)

Two and a half men. Your guess whether it’s Cryer, Kutcher or Jones who’s the half. (HollywoodHiccups)

I’m sorry but this is no Robert Redford. Or Nick the Narrator, for that matter. Not even a passable Sam Waterston. (INeedMyFix)

Tori Spelling doesn’t look a day over 45. No seriously, check this out. But bring your eyebleach. (MathewGuiver)

ABSNEY! Britney’s getting her body back, bitches! (PoorBritney)

Colin Firth soaking wet. Bubble bath. Wine. What are you still doing reading this? (Swoonworthy)

This is not the dress with which to wear a novelty bra, darling! Reality stars: You can dress them up…wait, no, you can’t. (TheSkinny)

Lady Gaga guards the mouth of Hell. This explains a great deal, if you really think about it. (TheSkinnyChic)


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