JLo got the memo

Jlo grammy leg

Jlo grammy leg

She not only got the infamous Grammy “no dirty bits” memo, she inspired it. And, as you can see, she managed to transcend it with the drop-deadest drop-dead dress of all time, with an assist from the Angie Leg. Clever girl! Saves 50% on waxing!

4 Responses to “JLo got the memo”

  1. Leona February 11, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

    I remember many many years ago, when Sigourney Weaver wore something very similar, one of the commentators said, “Why would you wear a long dress if you’re just going to stick your leg out of it?” Now, whenever I see a dress like that, all I can see is that one leg, sticking out like a twig in a mud puddle…