Katie Price, vendor of assorted body parts

Katie Price, better known as Jordan the one with the Jugs, has found a way to alleviate her excruciating back pain and raise some cash in one fell swoop:

A new home for my puppies British glamour model KATIE PRICE is planning to have a breast reduction and will sell her retired implants on auction site eBay. The operation will downsize the busty beauty from a FF cup to a “smaller and more pert” size – and the 27-year-old claims she will give a percentage of the unwanted silicones’ selling price to charity. She says, “Some people may say I’m sick, but I think it’s better than them being dumped in a hospital bin!”

I tell you, once she discovers the active secondhand market for implants, there’ll be no turning back. Soon she’ll carrying on a thriving trade in whatever organs she can get her hands on.

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One Response to “Katie Price, vendor of assorted body parts”

  1. toad December 14, 2007 at 8:54 pm #

    My how glamorous. Where did I put my dictionary?