Link Day

Rhys Meyers pops a frosty (WOWReport)

Kevin Bacon is Sincere (WebstersIsMyBitch)

Eva Longoria loves the weiners (Celebslam)

Xtina flashes the birthin’ hole (CeleBitchy)

the littlest Winehouse, the biggest beehive (TheMeatScale)

Amy Winehouse stores her leftovers (HolyCandy)

Celine Dion hates Halifax (PerezHilton)

Kate Moss gets her midday drink on (PopSugar)

Beyonce’s beauty blooper (Popbytes)

Jennifer Garner puts an elf on the shelf (ImNotObsessed)

Owen Wilson’s new girlfriend is named after Seventies classic Le Car (DerekHail)

Zahara’s birth mother is NOT suing (EvilBeet)

Nobody shits on the Shat! (Defamer)

Janice Dickinson needs a plastic surgery intervention (CelebritySmack)

Sesame Street, Taxi Driver…who can tell the difference? (AgentBedhead)

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