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Link Rapidly

Five fugliest celebabe magnets (Defamer)

I’d put Javier Bardem in that list. Am I alone? (Websters)

Amy Winehouse is shopping from that list (Celebitchy)

Gerard Butler plays rough with Jodie Foster (AgentBedhead)

Anonymous to Scientology: oh, it’s still on, bitches (Enturbulation)

Why is Sharon Stone wearing a maternity dress? (TheMeatScale)

The Lohan clan finally sours Popsugar’s sweetness (PopSugar)

Nicole Kidman lifts up her shirt. Did you ever think you’d read that? (Celebwarship)

Bai Ling cops one (SeriouslyOMGWTF)

The Pivert strikes again! (TheBlemish)

Girls Gone Wild porniste Joe Francis is going away for a looooong time (EvilBeet)

Vanity? Fair. Originality? Not so much (Mollygood)

Patrick Swayze smoked three packs a day? (PerezHilton)

Whoopi Goldberg says she owes the Oscar to Patrick Swayze (ImNotObsessed)

How about “No Entry in Rear?” (GoFugYourself)

Gene Simmons lectures Britney Spears (Celebritysmack)

Kelly Rowland does not understand the alphabet (CircusHour)

Some teenager you’ve never heard of declares she’s a virgin: no, it’s not closing time at TGIFriday’s, it’s a slow news day in Gossipland (DailyStab)

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