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Linkalong Cassidy | Ayyyy!

Linkalong Cassidy

True Confessions: My torrid affair with Buddy Hackett (moonbeammcqueen)

The Great Kate Beckinsale Quiz (Esquire)

What has Barack Obama done for you lately? (BarackObamaIsYourNewBicycle)

Rita Skeeter exclusive: Harry and Hermione hook up! (PerezHilton)

Anna Wintour vs Carine Roitfeld, duelling fashion editrixes (Gawker)

The Key to Happiness (RuPaul)

Dina Lohan knows art when she sees it, bitch! (Defamer)

George Clooney gets all the tail, but none of the luv (AgentBedhead)

Celine Dion is the queen of the world! (fourfour)

Break out the black armbands: Sean Bean married again, dammit! (Celebitchy)

Brangelina’s brood hit the slopes (Popsugar)

Without Mandy Moore and CheezWhiz, you are nothing (CrazyDaysAndNights)

Celebrity mansions! (Cityrag)

Rumer Willis gets tossed back onto the mean streets (Celebslam)

Jessica Alba discovers she’s Latino (ICYDK)

Victoria Gotti rises from the dead, Elvira of the Light (HollywoodRag)

Owen Wilson goes back to work, Jennifer Aniston soon to put another notch in her diaphragm case (AllieIsWired)

Monsters who get chicks (Maxim)

Jennifer Lopez to give birth to Steve Austin twins (DailyStab)

Free the Pink! (CelebritySmack)

Katherine Heigl wearing my grandmother’s sofa (ImNotObsessed)

FitCeleb, the new blog on the block (FitCeleb)

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