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Linkflakes | Ayyyy!


So, what WAS Britney on last night? (Defamer)

She’s on downers and solitude now. Countdown to Goth comeback album… (CelebritySmack)

Starbucks stock drops after Spears lockup (PerezHilton)

David Lynch hates your iPhone (Gawker)

Gerard Butler, closet karaoke cowboy (AgentBedhead)

Heather Mills stars in A Return to Homelessness (CeleBitchy)

Lindsay Lohan puckers up like a sugarplum fairy-hag (DailyStab)

Paris Hilton gives Kelly Osborne her first (Dlisted)

Matthew, Fox (sorry, “Matthew Fox”) spills Lost spoilers! (JustJared)

Potted celebrities (Cityrag)

Leave Chris Crocker alone! (EvilBeet)

Lydia Hearst as Pebbles Flintstone, porn star (GoFugYourself)

Jennifer Aniston baby bump watch barren (HolyCandy)

Avril Lavigne responds to a good Dom (ImNotObsessed)

Woman slashes Leonardo DiCaprio with a broken bottle, flees to Canuckistan (Mollygood)

Time after time…and this one’s after its best-before date (Websters)

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  1. Leonardo April 8, 2009 at 7:25 pm #

    Dear leo, i think you’re the best thing that ever to t.v. . You are my favorite male actor. I hope to meet you one day ,that would be awesome. “Buenos Suerte” on your next movie. Buenos suerte means good luck in spanish. Luv your #1 fan , Shelby