Louis Vuitton is Sari

Louis Vuitton Sari Dress

It doesn’t look much like a traditional sari, but this is the new Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear limited edition Sari Dress by Marc Jacobs. It’s made of vintage Sari materials, primarily silk of course, but also including gold threads. And while on the one hand, lovely fabrics, nice idea, unfortunately, none of these strapless, bubble-skirted 80’s throwbacks have anything like the authentic allure of a real sari, or even the stylishly referential nod of this dress from Ralph Lauren:

or this, from Tadashi Shoji, at Saks:


In short, while sari fabrics ARE awesome, they’re not the most awesome thing about the sari. The most awesome thing about the sari is…the sari.
She looks good in anything, but she looks amazing in this

However, the top is important too, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth Hurley in a sari and it looks like she forgot something

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