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Moscow Mule Links | Ayyyy!

Moscow Mule Links

There’s an entire family of Mule drinks including the Moscow Mule, a hangover perhaps from the days when they were more common than Kias and performed more or less the same work. Among them, one stands alone: the Mule’s Hind Leg is to be avoided at all costs, particularly the cost of your sanity the next day.

Not that I would know anything about that.

Free Starbucks coffee for voters! (CelebuWreck)

Rihanna believes your bag should always be bigger than your dress (CelebrityFashionWatcher)

FYI no, Cher does not have cancer (CelebrityDirt)

SNL soon not to return SOMEBODY’s calls (BusyBeeBlogger)

Bruno crashes anti-gay rally (JustJared)

Buy Saddam Hussein’s yacht (Bitten&Bound)

Anonymous attacked! (AgentBedhead)

Helena Christiansen is queen of the cougars for Agent Provocateur (CeleBitchy)

Some people will do ANYTHING to get elected (CelebritySmack)

Peaches Geldof pulls a Winona Ryder (HolyMoly)

Ryan Reynolds on the New York Marathon (DailyStab)

It’s Jennifer Aniston’s fault you’re pregnant (CandyKirby)

Politics: it’s black and white (Mollygood)

Robert Downey Jr’s manparts in peril! (Defamer)

Sienna Miller now being paid to freak out (UKPopsugar)

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