Mystery Sockster, revealed!

Holey Sock, Batman! Who's that metrosexual?

Holey Sock, Batman! Who's that metrosexual?

It’s time to reveal our Holey Celebrity from last week. Although we had many entertaining and ambitious guesses (Courtney Love? I ONLY WISH!) we had no actual winner this time. Well, it was pretty esoteric, even though this particular celebrity has been seen in sock feet more than once or twice before. We may make Name That Sockster a regular feature, since it’s obviously quite tricky and none of our other mysteries managed to keep you in suspense for long.

Yes, a Julian Assange/Britney Spears video. It’s amazing what fangirls will come up with once school’s out, isn’t it?

What? WHAT? NO that was not me! Totally, completely not me, no siree! No way! Not a chance, nope. No way. I’m no creepy fangirl.


One Response to “Mystery Sockster, revealed!”

  1. raincoaster June 10, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    In case you became confused by the obliqueness of the post, yes, it’s Julian Assange.