Net Loss

Kate Bosworth Blinding Burberry

Kate Bosworth Blinding Burberry

Pity the lovely (yet somewhat gnarled) Kate Bosworth, seen here trying to get as far away as possible from her party frock. No matter how much Burberry paid her to get into that monstrosity, it couldn’t have been easy to appear in public this way. It’s as the designer got incredibly high on acid and created to commemorate a gruesome, drawn-out butterfly death scene from Pink Floyd:’s The Wall.

They wouldn’t do this to Emma Watson, would they Kate?

One Response to “Net Loss”

  1. Carol October 28, 2011 at 8:14 am #

    I like the dress – it’s colorful, fits her pretty well and covers up the important bits. The color flatters her. Much better than many things she’s worn recently.