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Ayyyy! Where Celebrity and Fashion Collide! - Part 333

Connecting the dots

Isabella Blow, styled by Alexander McQueen and Frank Frazetta (SassyBella)

Christina Aguilera registers for baby presents (HollywoodOffender)

Zahara Jolie-Pitt flips the bird (TeenyManolo)

Is Ryan Gosling more Ryan Cygnet lately? (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

Britney finds her destiny (PopSugar)

Is EVERYBODY pregnant? Nicole Kidman edition (Celebitchy)

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s marriage tips (I’mNotObsessed)

Coffee-wielding Britney fan seeks Chris Crocker-style stardom (Defamer)

The fifty best breasts in movie history (what, no Fabio?) (Filmthreat)

Sean Astin is still Goonie, after all these years (MTV)

Britney hides from her children (TMZ)

Who wore it best: Beckham or Bird? (HolyCandy)

Prince Harry’s sinuses are clean as a whistle (CelebritySmack)

The Pamela Anderson Husband-O-Matic (AgentBedhead)

Avril really knows how to work a mic (TheBlemish)

Tracey Morgan is Glorious


Tracey Morgan: Daaamn y’all, why you got to be that way? Can’t a brother get his Civil War Reinactment on in peace? Y’all KNOW you would do this $%^# to Morgan Freeman!

Hard work, if you can get it

Hugh Grant

Project Runway judging hopeful Hugh John Mungo Grant loves those seamy details.

Amy Winehouse: Tragic yet Matchy

It’s refreshing to know that even during troubled times, prison-tat enthusiast and consummate entertrainwreck Amy Winehouse still takes time to coordinate her ill-chosen foundation garments with her cherry flavored phallic symbols.

Spirit Fingers, gone fishing

Ayyyy! has only been up for a month, but already I need a holiday. Yes, I’m frail like that.

But I can’t tell you exactly where I’m going because I don’t need anybody alerting the border authorities. And in the manner of Courtney Love, I will be traveling incognito.

Pssst, wanna know where you can get a new nose for real cheap?

So the plan is I shall return next week, relaxed, refreshed, somewhat poorer but laden with cheap souvenirs. In the meantime please continue to enjoy the delightful offerings from Manolo and Plumcake. They will have you on the floor, twisted in manic laughter.

I call this one, the Bavarian pretzel


Hugh Grant’s cuddle puddle pix (PerezHilton)

Britney reunites with her Mom (People)

Pete Doherty rejected by Death (AgentBedhead)

Prince William’s taken, sorry (Mollygood)

Pamela Anderson’s married, sorry (Celebitchy)

Nicole Kidman’s military boob stance: drop and give me two pushups (TheMeatScale)

Christina Aguilera shows off her practice baby (DListed)

Jessica Simpson works it for charity (I’mNotObsessed)

Lohan is free: gentlemen, start your engines (TheBlemish)

Jaime Foxx’s training wheels bling (CelebritySmack!)

Maria Shriver, First Lady of California, picks her teeth in public (Celebslam)

It’s Britney, bitch: The official Gimme More video (PopBytes)

Britney, Lindsay, Paris: Mariah Carey has some advice for you (DailyStab)

JLo preggo, yo (TMZ)

KFed’s parenting tips (TeenyManolo)


Manolo says, this appears to be some intermediate step in the dinosaur-to-bird evolutionary process, possessing both the feathers and the vestigial claws.

He won’t let me go thieving!

Looks like we’ve stumbled into an awkward moment of Uma stomping off in a huff with some guy in tow, away from her billionaire boyfriend Arpad “Arkie” Busson (not pictured).

Don’t be a tightass Arkie – if she wants to dart about and pick the pockets of her fellow diners at Cipriani’s, then let her have at it. It’s not as if you can’t afford to reimburse them.